Supplements I Take

This changes often; but here’s a basic list! Oh — and this is just what *I* do; I’m not recommending or advocating, t’is merely what seems to work well for me. As always, do your research people… :-)

Magnesium, magnesium, magnesium!
Okay, this one actually never changes despite what I just said: it’s repeatedly shown that diabetics (1 & 2) tend to be massively magnesium deficient; and I definitely notice when I don’t take it.

Vitamin D3
As above; t1 & t2’s are nearly always deficient – actually most of us are – even those in sunny paces!

Some more that vary massively depending what’s going on with me health wise:
Vitamin C
A good multi vit formula – preference is liquid versions
Digestive Enzymes




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