As you might have spotted from my posts, I’m a bit of a foodie nut! So finding out I was diabetic didn’t deter me from enjoying my food, in fact I think it’s made me more creative than ever! Because of this, I love sharing my latest creations with you, and have archived them separately from my more “general” posts so you can find them a little more easily. Click on the links below and go create!

All Recipes

Sweet Treats

Salads & Savouries


I’ll update these regularly as I go along; and if you’ve any tasty recipes, or variations on ones I’ve posted, let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you ♥


3 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. I was just thinking that a list of the books you would recommend for diabetes health would be very useful to people like me. Or perhaps even a review of any books that have helped you to improve your health. That would really help.

    • Hi Chris! Thank you *so much* for your comment; I’ve been meaning to do this for aggggeeesss; you just gave me the kick up the touché I needed! ;-)

      I’ve created a list via the tab on the homepage entitled “People & Resources I rate” – plus you can also find it here:

      Hope that helps – and thanks again! :-)

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