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Hello loves; this is a page that I will probably continue to add to ~ as it’s a list of all the resources and people that have helped me on the road to good health ~ I do think the things that resonate with us are very personal experiences; but if you’re not sure where to start, this might help you set off on your path!

NB: All the bits of blue text are links to the awesomeness :-)

Books – some of these helped me pre-insulin… they didn’t keep me from needing insulin, but they probably increased my “honeymoon” phase; and I still think they’re interesting for general health – and certainly a useful resource for type 2 diabetes. 

Gabriel Cousens: There Is A Cure For Diabetes
– basically, if you’re diabetic and there was only one thing I’m able to recommend you do, it’s get your hands on a copy of this. Doesn’t matter if you’re Type 1, Type 2, Pre-diabetic… it’s a fantastic resource. It get’s quite technical in parts; which I’ve heard some people criticise, but as I like to understand the in’s and out’s of everything then it answered many, many questions for me.
It was also the foundation of my diet when I was still in the honeymoon phase; the only time I ever experienced blood sugars in the 4’s (which is what every non-diabetic person I’ve thus far tested spends most of their time in, and which is in the 80’s in US) was when I followed it to the letter – but for me this was too restrictive long term. It is however, still part of my diet; I still regularly have green smoothies (albeit now with some fruit too!) – I’m pretty sure keeping it in reduces my insulin needs if nothing else.

Patrick Holford: Say No To Diabetes
– this book is definitely geared more to Type 2’s than 1’s – I followed it religiously for 6 weeks (prior to knowing I was Type 1) and even on his plan my blood sugars were still touching the 20’s (360’s in US) – however, that said, I think it’s a good starting point and know many Type 2’s have had great success with it.

Dr Bernstein: Diabetes Solution
– Dr Bernstein is a Type 1 diabetic, which makes the book interesting; however I must confess he advocates a diet that I would never follow, and don’t believe to be all that healthy – however I’m aware that different things work for different people, hence the mention.

Dr Mark Hyman: The Blood Sugar Solution
– I haven’t actually read this book (yet!) as I suspect it’s a little like Patrick Holford’s and better suited to Type 2’s – however I have heard good things about it, so you may want to take a look. If you do, and you rate it, let me know! :-)

Generally Awesome People: 
Some of these people are directly health related, some aren’t – cept they all kind of are, as health is much more than just food and supplements… all have played a mahoosive part in my journey so far, and so I share these peeps with you with much love and thanks to them for touching my life thus far: and if you have the pleasure of any of them touching yours, you’ll be as blessed as I ♡

Sandy Newbigging: Sandy is a best-selling author of several cool books that’ll help you feel good across the board. His focus is meditation – but not the “sit cross-legged for hours chanting Om” kind; though I think he’s done his fair share of that! He also runs amazing detox retreats and does one-to-one work too.

Lauren Gray: Lauren happens to be the daughter of John Gray (see below) – but is an outstanding lady in her own right. Her focus is mostly relationships; but I know this chica knows her own fair amount of stuff around health & wellness too. Relationships are *hugely* important to our overall state of wellbeing, so I urge you to check her out. She has a very cool blog, plus works one-to-one with peeps too.

John Gray: Many of you might not know this, but in another world/lifetime I had the extreme pleasure of being trained by John; who is the author of the bestseller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; as well as a zillion other brilliant books. What many peeps also don’t know, is that John knows a *ton* of stuff around health – in fact it’s where his passion first lay. John was also the person who first recommend Berberine to me: for which I am still grateful. If you were interested in him from a health perspective, check out some of his video blogs in the link above.

Dan & Sally Roman: I’ve never met them, but this couple have two Type 1 diabetic sons, and both manage their diabetes through diet. I have purchased their ebooks, and can tell they have clearly devoted a tremendous amount of time to learn all they have. I recommend their books – theirs and Gabriel Cousens recommendations are mostly the blend of what I followed before insulin (with a few “Nadia” tweaks thrown in, naturally ;-)

Lissa Rankin: Lissa is a medical doctor based in the US, who believes that the power of the mind has a huge effect on our health. Her passion for this shines through, and is contagious; again she is a great source of hope, particularly given her background. I really recommend her Ted Talk here.

As I mentioned, I will keep adding to this list – not least of all as I’m pretty sure I’ve already missed various awesomeness out already – but at least I have finally made a start! Of course, these are only my personal experiences and recommendations – none of it is my professional advice; and I absolutely don’t recommend you changing any of your medications without consulting your doctor first.

Having said that, if I can answer any questions you have on these peeps/books, please do mail me; I’m happy to share my experiences as best as I can. 

Also, I regularly post articles and other useful titbits I find on my Facebook page, so do hop over and follow me there.

Other than that, good luck and much wellness to you sweet peeps xo


5 thoughts on “People & Resources I Rate

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  2. This is just perfect, thank you for this information. I’ll buy Gabriel Cousens: There Is A Cure For Diabetes following your glowing review of it. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hello! I am eating up (no pun intended) every word on your site! So much great info! My one year-old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 and I am on a mission to learn more about how to control it and how to minimize insulin shots, if possible. What you do is giving me hope!! Please keep up the great work! Many thanks!

    • Hi Shelly!

      Thanks so much for your kind words… I’m so sorry to hear about your little one.

      There is so much great info out there and it’s possible to keep doses lower – as you’re no doubt reading about. Being so little he will likely be able to have a pump too at some point if you wanted to go that route – which also helps a lot as I understand.

      Big hug during what I know can be a time of trying to digest (my pun! ;) a lot of info and it can get overwhelming…. make sure you take care of you too somewhere in that mix.
      Nadia x

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