5 Day Green Smoothie Detox / Blood Sugar Reset

Hoorah, hoorah; spring is definitely in the air, hooray! 

… and with that came an overwhelming urge to do another green smoothie juice fast / feast… Continue reading


I’ve finished! After the fast:feast…

Woop woop, I made it! Watch to find out if it worked…! :-)

Day 1 of my 7 day juice feast…

Back in June 2013, I did a 7 day juice fast; and I thought I would share with you the vlogs I did…

I followed Gabriel Cousens protocol, as laid out in his There is a Cure for Diabetes book; which basically entailed two smoothies and one green juice per day, for 7 days… there were no “fruits”, other than lemons/limes and avocados; and it was challenging at times…!

I’ll list the rest of the vlogs so you can see how the week progressed… and what it did to my blood sugars :-)