No Peanut, Peanut Butter Milkshake :-)

Vegan Thickshake

As you prolly know SP’s; peanuts are not actually nuts…   Continue reading


5 Day Green Smoothie Detox / Blood Sugar Reset

Hoorah, hoorah; spring is definitely in the air, hooray! 

… and with that came an overwhelming urge to do another green smoothie juice fast / feast… Continue reading

Protein Powerhouse Smoothie

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Oooh, I was rather excited to find this in my local-ish health food store recently!

Now I know there’s been a bit of controversy out there recently about protein powders, but; Continue reading

Sunday Super Soothing Smoothie


Hello sweet peeps! How’s your weekend been? Though it’s not as miserable as the tail end of last week (thank goodness!) it’s definitely feeling decidedly autumnal isn’t it?!

This is a wonderfully comforting and soothing smoothie; it has great anti-inflammatory properties from the flax and turmeric, so perfect for toothaches, headaches, pms, or any other aches and pains… Plus it’s wonderfully warming, so great for the transitioning seasons too. Whatever your reasons for a bit of comfort in a cup; here’s the recipe… Continue reading

Downfalls of almond milk ~ and new breakfast smoothie :-)

Sooo… I’ve been reading up on one of the key ingredients in my beloved smoothies; almond milk – and it turns out that the shop bought ones may not be all that good for you… booo…. Continue reading

Vegan Thick Chocolate “Milkshake” – AKA; Fresh Coconut & Carob Smoothie

Prior to my diabetes diagnosis, I was a bit of a sucker for ice-cream… I wouldn’t eat it straight from the freezer though; oh no – I’d wait for it to melt till it was almost liquid, then eat (drink) it. It was almost a thick milkshake – and the flavour was invariably chocolate, obviously ;-)

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