5 Day Green Smoothie Detox / Blood Sugar Reset

Hoorah, hoorah; spring is definitely in the air, hooray! 

… and with that came an overwhelming urge to do another green smoothie juice fast / feast… Continue reading


Supplement Try Out – GlycoX 500

Ooh, I’m so excited – I’ve a new supplement to try!  Continue reading

What I eat, and why…


Ok, so, so far I haven’t really gone into any great detail on the specifics of what I eat – and more importantly why. Quite frankly, that’s because it’s a friggin vast topic; virtually every choice has a counter choice, and simply put, is not a topic I could ever possibly cover in one post.

However, I’m starting to get emails and so on asking me for a bit more info on this ~ which, as this blog is primarily to share with you what I’ve learnt thus far, then I thought I best make a start… Continue reading