This site was built out of a love of food, and a super strong desire to be well through healthy eating & healthy living.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in mid February 2013… then, around mid June 2013, I found out it was Type 1 diabetes… since then I have been on a quest to understand what causes the body to become unable to metabolise sugar – and most importantly, how I can help my body deal with this.

It is an ongoing journey, and one which I think will probably continue to unfold… I have read and researched an incredible amount of information during that time; I still am reading – and sharing some of that information with you – the old sayings are true: two pairs of eyes are better than one and many hands make light work… we all interpret and experience diabetes differently – and sometimes daily: anything that helps us on that road is a good thing in my world… and if you’re just interested in learning how to appreciate life’s sweetness – this is the place for you too!

I always love to hear from you, so if you’ve anything to share – let me know in the box below… and otherwise, explore the many titbits on here – and most importantly enjoy! xo


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