Resistance is futile…

Well Hello Loves!

When did I last update you…? {goes to check date of last blog post}

— Oh – I see – right back at the end of January… !

Well, then there’s all sorts to share…!

I’m only about 7 weeks off meeting my baby boy now – and it’s all getting excitingly REAL!  Obviously he’s been this little person and personality growing for 7 months; but until recently his arrival seemed such a long way away – and all of a sudden it feels like it’s sorta just around the corner! I am both incredibly excited to meet him, splashed with a teeny tiny bit of sadness that I won’t be pregnant anymore… but mostly I’m just so bloody in love with him that I can’t wait to have him in my arms.

I’m still super-lucky that, mostly, my pregnancy has been plain sailing — and though I do have the odd unpleasant symptoms – heartburn and charley horses and restless legs… oh and the lovely sleepless nights (if it’s not the oh so ironic pregnancy insomnia at play, then it’s my pump alerting me to a low, or the puppy (yes; I said puppy!!) needing a wee, or the general soreness that comes with later pregnancy…)

But, whenever any of these things start to bother me – I try to remind myself that it’s not forever (apart from the lack of sleep; that one might be…but sleep is for wimps anyway, right?!;) — and that it’s all leading to the most amazing amazingness I’ll know – and in just a few more weeks and I get to meet my baby boy and every little bit – and then some – will be worth it ❤️

And that makes pretty much anything do-able :-)

…. So, aside from the tremendous excitement and gratitude, what else is going on?
Well, blood sugar wise, things are kinda as anticipated – my insulin resistance is back on the up again… Generally my insulin resistance seems to have gone up in “steps” – but none super dramatically…

So from about 8 to 16-ish weeks my insulin needs were *really* low – like the lowest I’ve known – much carb enjoyment and snacking was appreciated here! Then around 18 weeks I saw that the “free snacks” dwindled – and by about 20 weeks I needed to up my basal and insulin to carb ratio.

Then at 22 weeks I actually needed to decrease it again for about a week- then it went up a bit again around 24 weeks; and this time I increased my basal by about a third… then at 30-32 weeks it reduced slightly again (I didn’t adjust it – just was able to have snacks again).

Phew – still with me? It’s all a bit roller coastery I know!

And now I’m 33 weeks and just tweaked my basals again – overall by about another 15%…. so I’m now running at around 150% my original starting basal. My basal is the thing I’ve changed the most – and daytime I know I have it running a little on the high side – i.e. I would hypo if I skipped a meal… but I pretty much eat at set times – and I find this way softens any spikes, plus psychologically I find it easier to deal with than upping my insulin to carb ratios loads – as I still have a massive fear of dosing lots in one hit. But that’s just me – and what works for me.

If you are trying to do something similar (which, au natural, you would need to check with your doc / endo etc first) then the way I figured out the basal increase each time was to look where it was going up more than I’d like, then set a temp basal of about 110% – 115% and see what happens… if they come back in range then I set that as my “new basal”; if they’re still higher than I’d like then I’d try 120% etc – and if lower then 105% – till it’s a line I’m happy with.  Obviously need a pump to do this! (insert pump love here) 

So that’s all the crap-but-necessary type 1 shiz… what else?

Well – you may have noticed I mentioned a PUPPY…

Willow Beach
This is she – and she is lovely.

I won’t lie – I did wonder if I’d lost my marbles about 2 weeks after we’d got her… but now a month in and she’s settled with us *beautifully* – and I honestly think she knows we have to get-up-to-speed with things quickly as we’ve a bubba on the way – and she is just the loveliest pup I could wish for…. she regularly snuggles the Bump; and I think they’re forging firm bonds already. In my uber nesting mode I’ve already set up a Facebook page for baby and pup updates; which I’ll share with you when the boy is here! :-)


IMG_0279… and I think my last bit of news is that the plan to go ahead for a natural birth is still strong. Baby boy is still measuring great, blood sugars, blood pressure and all other things of monitoring are also all good. And I am immensely grateful to my team who are
now fully on board with supporting me – and my *amazing* doula, who I am completely adoring of already… we have many meetings in place over the next few weeks to “finalise” everything (as much as anyone can finalise a birth plan…!) and I cannot wait to rock our birth together! I know it’ll be incredible, no matter what :-)


tmpImageRighty – I think that’s all for now!
Hope you’re enjoying the glimmerings of Spring we have shining through these last few days… With much love,
Nadia & Bump x




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