Calcium & Pregnancy

Just a quickie from me because I’ve been reading up on calcium again this morning, and came across this:

Cochrane Study On Calcium and Pre-Eclampsia

… and as I mostly don’t eat dairy (occasional goats cheese but even that is generally sporadic), I found this article interesting.

I do know calcium can be consumed in other forms aside from dairy – like soya, pulses, nuts and greens – but I hardly eat soya / tofu (it doesn’t agree with me) – and whilst I love the others, I don’t think I eat enough to cover off calcium needs during pregnancy.

So this is the supplement I’ve been taking:

Lifestream Organic Natural Calcium

The other interesting thing I’ve found whilst taking this, is that if I forget to take it, even for one day, then I’ll get horrible leg cramps (charley horses) at night… which kinda suggests that even if it doesn’t help with the dreaded “Pre-E”, then my body still really needs it… I also sleep better when I take it – which given the third trimester insomnia is another Billy Bonus!

.. So just thought I’d share whilst I thought of it! :-)

Nadia and The Calcium Fuelled Bump! x

P.S. Six weeks-ish today till we meet Bubs! Eeeeep! 🌟


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