Happy, happy, happy, happy!

Oh happy day!

So, I’m approaching 26 weeks and had my first check-up with my consultant today; I’d not seen her since early December – and between then and now I had lots I was keen to find out/discuss.

First off I was starting to feel a bit concerned that my boy might be big… ‘big babies’ (and aaaalllllllll the associated complications that can come with them) are mentioned at *every* twist and turn of a type 1 pregnancy, plus people have regularly commented how big my bump is… being a first time mum I have nothing to compare it to; so a little bit of worry that my little boy perhaps wasn’t so little was loitering around in my head for sure. 

Thankfully one of the first things they do at my appointments is a quick ultrasound check-over; so I didn’t have long to wait and see that he is doing GREAT!

He’s “healthy” sized, most definitely – but in a good way… he’s measuring in the 80th percentile and he’s completely in proportion – i.e. his legs and body are both in the same percentile….  (it’s Bubs’ middle’s measuring big – and especially if they’re measuring bigger than the rest of baby, that they get most worried about; as they can be prone to getting a bit chub-tastic in type 1 pregnancies) – but his are equal, so they think he’s likely long, but not showing any signs of being too “big” – and at 2lb’s he’s weighing *exactly* what he should be for where I am in my pregnancy!


Plus the midwife doing the scan mentioned, being such a healthy size shows he’s getting everything he needs via my placenta too; which is another background concern that I can tick off the “Worrying Mamma’s” middle of the night list! 😃

So, having been reassured that Baby Boy is all good, I tentatively approached birth options with my consultant… I say tentatively because, although my experience with her so far has been entirely lovely, I’ve heard of so many different experiences where t1 mums can be made to feel like the only birthing options for them are to be induced or have a c-section.

Now, before I go any further; just be clear – I don’t have a problem with either if it’s a) the Mama’s preference / choice, and/or b) needed… but I briefly touched upon it in my last post that I wasn’t sure I do want, or need to choose one of those options.

I’m working super hard to maintain my Hba1c within a “non diabetic” range (its currently 5.4), and all scans have shown that everything else is looking as healthy as we could ask for; so whilst I’m technically a high-risk pregnancy, we have the technology to see that I’m not looking at risk to the potential high risks… if that make sense?

And I’m not at all closed to needing those options (I know lots can happen between now and when he might get here!) but I also didn’t want to feel like no other options were open to me…

Anyway, because of this I was a bit nervous about bringing it up; but after we’d seen how great the boy was doing, and were sat discussing how my pregnancy was going, my consultant said

“Its great that you’re feeling so confident in your pregnancy”

– to which I replied

“You might not say that after I ask you the next question”…

{whilst bracing myself for a potentially difficult turn in the conversation}

– to which she smiled, and said “Go on…”

At which point I started waffling something about understanding things could change, etc etc etc… (if you know me, you’ll know I collapse into a waffle-fest when I’m nervous!) – and mid waffle; before I’d even gotten there, she said:

“You would like to go into labour naturally wouldn’t you?”

“YES!” I said, whilst simultaneously sighing with relief that her tone and the very fact she had pre-empted where I was clumsily trying to get to, suggested she seemed not to think this was the most impossible, ludicrous question any type 1 diabetic person could ask;

“I really would!”

And cool as a cucumber she said she saw no problem with that; so long as things stay as they are… which I entirely get… and she was really very okay with it all. It was at this point both me (and I’m sure the boy’s) heart started singing with happiness!

She did go on to say that she might be less comfortable with me going over my due date; but even that she said “lets see what’s happening closer to the time”.

And I am still SO HAPPY I could do a little happy dance (goddamit I am!) in my chair as I write!

See, I know things might change – things may happen that mean we need to re-asses the plan to let labour happen spontaneously… I might get to 30-something weeks and decide I just-want-him-out… who knows?

… And of course I might get to 40 weeks, and then we might still decide that an induction or cesarian is the way forward… even if that happens though I’ll still be so happy that he’s had all the time he wants to bake away in there…

See for me, that’s what is key: it’s having the option to be able to let him come into the world when he – and I – are as ready as we can be, that just makes me the happiest new mama-to-be ❤

– – – – – – –

And that’s my lil happy day that I wanted to share with you :-)

– – – – – – –

Between now and when we next catch up, Lovely Husband & I are off on a Baby-Moon; our last lil trip (for a while at least!) for “just us”; as our next holiday will be Us Three!


… so I’m sure I’ll write more when we’re back; till then, here’s Bub’s facing the scan today: I think he’s saying “Hello World”! :-)

Love Nadia & Bump x


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