My Pregnancy Vitamins

This came up in a blog post I was writing here, and got a little long :) so thought I’d separate it off into this post.

I wanted to share with you which supplements I’m taking – as I see it come up a lot on forums etc. Obviously we’re all really different, but these are the ones that work for me:

A really good prenatal; one that includes Methyl Folate. I took Liquid Health in my first trimester, and now take Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal. I love both (probably love the liquid one best, but it’s hard to get in the UK) – and neither gave me nausea which I know some can do.

A good D3. There is some D3 in the prenatal, but D3 deficiency is common in (a) the UK and (b) diabetics… so I just have one drop of the Thorne D3/K2 drops to top up every other day. (there’s also lots about K2 which I won’t go into here, but will try to write a separate post on… but if you’re interested, google K2 and babies…)

Extra zinc, calcium, and magnesium. I am prone to being zinc deficient anyway, and we need more in pregnancy – so I started taking Advanced Research zinc in the first trimester… Up until I started taking it, I was feeling *insanely* tired and nauseous – which went once I’d added it in.
Magnesium is another mineral we can be prone to being deficient in as type 1 diabetics; so I take this too. It is one that you can take too much of, so if you’re not used to taking it and have a good idea of what dose works for you pre-pregnancy, then I’d recommend being super cautious with it, and start low.
Calcium is one I’ve only added in the last week or so (read more here); as Bubs will be using all mine to strengthen his bones now… and I don’t eat a lot of calcium rich foods, so it’s just a back-up. It’s another one you have to work out the balance and I’m only taking a really small amount; again work out what works for you, based on your own research and what you think you might already be getting in your diet.

A great quality fish oil. NB *not* cod liver oil; which is a totally different kettle of fish, no pun intended. I take MorDHA Prenatal ones – they’re great for Baby’s brain, plus good for blood flow (which means good for placenta, and linked to being good to help reduce pre-eclampsia risks). I know they don’t suit strict vegetarians and vegans, and there are alternatives out there if you don’t want to take it in this form. I don’t eat meat but on balance these work for me; again it’s a personal choice thing.

Lastly, I dip in and out of taking probiotics… I will probably take these more routinely towards the end of my pregnancy, as some say it’s a good way of helping build Bubs’ digestive and immune system too.

As always, these are not my recommendations per say, just what I take that works for me – as always do your own research! :-)

With love,
Nadia (and Bump!) x


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