24 weeks!

Hello Loves,

Well I thought it was about time I wrote a lil blog post, as I’m now nearly 6 months into this pregnancy – gosh, time is flying!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year? My Christmas was at home and quiet (I think I’m already nesting :) but lovely… New Year’s was a road trip to Scotland to stay in a gypsy caravan; also lovely – and this will make you laugh: as the clock struck midnight I was literally chewing on glucose tablets with a blood sugar of 2.8: Hypo New Year! :D

In between all the seasonal celebrations, I kept making a mental “note to self” to include bits and bobs that have been useful to me; in case they might be useful to you, but of course now I can’t remember half of them…

Let me try and recap… 

Finding a doula

I’ve several friends who’ve used doulas, and all have said what a fantastic source of support they were… and given that I don’t have much family nearby, plus knowing I’d have some extra “stuff” to consider during pregnancy, I started looking into them last year… Of course then the challenge was that they’re all lovely! But I have found “my doula” and she’s fab. If it’s an option for you, I’d very much recommend it. I’ll write more about my lovely one as our journey progresses.


Another of the other things I wanted to share, is which supplements I’m taking – as I see it come up a lot on forums etc. Obviously we’re all really different, but these are the ones that work for me (this got a little long, so I’ve actually posted them here.)

Sore feet! 

So, this one was unexpected to me; just because I’d not heard of it being a “pregnancy thing”… but I started to notice my feet really started hurting. Not in a swollen feet sort of way, more in the heels and arches of my feet… So I sought advice from my trusty friend Google, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got what’s called Plantar Fasciitis – brought on by the sudden “extra load” with Bubs on board! I’ve ordered some basic insoles from Amazon and I’ve a pair inside my slippers (which looks lovely! Not ;) and a pair that I switch depending on which shoes I’m wearing; both seem to be doing the trick!

… And sore hips… 

This isn’t a new one on me – I’ve had naggy hips for a long time… but it’s most definitely increasing as my bump grows… I haven’t found a “solution” yet (and guessing I won’t: the ‘solution’ will most likely arrive when Bubs does!) but there are some thing that help.
One is my pregnancy pillow (I have the Dreamgenii version), another is yoga – thank god for Yogaglo which has a whole prenatal section. LOVE that site. And lastly dead sea salt baths are great too. Just make sure you go steady on the dose and don’t have it too hot if you do this one… I chose to stay away from them completely for about the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy, and if I have one of these baths then I reduce the magnesium I’m taking that day, so as not to overdo it.

Insulin resistance

Ah the Type 1 Diabetic Pregnancy Joy!
Well, I knew it was coming… and I have to say, thus far I’m grateful it’s not hit too hard. I probably noticed it about three weeks ago now, and it started with noticing I needed to pre-bolus for brekkie more… then I had to adjust my evening bolus ratios, as well as my basal rates. I’ve been tweaking a little ever since – nothing major, just little increases here and there to keep up with my growing boy. I guess that’s what will continue to happen – and I’m at least prepared for it. So far my insulin needs are no higher than what they were when I was premenstrual, pre-pregnancy – but I know that on average insulin needs can triple towards the end of pregnancy. I must confess I’m not mad-keen on that thought; but all I can do is try my best to adjust. I plan to reduce my carbs a bit (though I don’t want to cut them completely as for me, some carbs feel important right now), and keep up with yoga and walking… evening lunges are my friend ;-)

One thing to note if you’re type 1 and pregnant and have heard that a sudden drop in insulin needs can indicate placenta failure; apparently it’s quite common to have a “dip” around week 22… I only learnt this after noticing my insulin needs drop around New Year (hence the New Year hypo!) and slightly cacking myself… only to learn that lots of people go through a drop in requirements around this point! Sure enough my dip was only a few days and baby boy made up for my fright by bouncing around extra hard in the days that followed after that  :-)

Thinking about how Bubs will make his way into this world… 

I am just started to think about this, and consider my options, and generally mull over things… typically, hospitals will look to induce a type 1 Mama at some point between 37 & 39 weeks… but the more I’m reading, the less sure I am that I feel this is best for baby, or me… I am aware of the reasons why they do it, but I also feel there is a bit of a blanket approach that doesn’t necessarily apply to all of us. The jury is still out, and I’m sure I’ll write more as I gather my thoughts on this one; whatever happens the end goal is to make sure my boy arrives safely in this world, so rest assured I’ll do my research throughly! (Who, me? :D )


Since we last caught up I’ve also had our 20 week scan; where all was also brilliant – and lil boy was extremely active! As I sit here now he’s bouncing away; it really is the most incredible, indescribable feeling in the world and honestly fills me with such happiness, gratitude and joy each time he does it :-)


… I think that’s all for now…

Will post again soon…
Love, Nadia & Bump x





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