Happy, happy, happy, happy!

Oh happy day!

So, I’m approaching 26 weeks and had my first check-up with my consultant today; I’d not seen her since early December – and between then and now I had lots I was keen to find out/discuss.

First off I was starting to feel a bit concerned that my boy might be big… ‘big babies’ (and aaaalllllllll the associated complications that can come with them) are mentioned at *every* twist and turn of a type 1 pregnancy, plus people have regularly commented how big my bump is… being a first time mum I have nothing to compare it to; so a little bit of worry that my little boy perhaps wasn’t so little was loitering around in my head for sure.  Continue reading


24 weeks!

Hello Loves,

Well I thought it was about time I wrote a lil blog post, as I’m now nearly 6 months into this pregnancy – gosh, time is flying!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year? My Christmas was at home and quiet (I think I’m already nesting :) but lovely… New Year’s was a road trip to Scotland to stay in a gypsy caravan; also lovely – and this will make you laugh: as the clock struck midnight I was literally chewing on glucose tablets with a blood sugar of 2.8: Hypo New Year! :D

In between all the seasonal celebrations, I kept making a mental “note to self” to include bits and bobs that have been useful to me; in case they might be useful to you, but of course now I can’t remember half of them…

Let me try and recap…  Continue reading

My Pregnancy Vitamins

This came up in a blog post I was writing here, and got a little long :) so thought I’d separate it off into this post.

I wanted to share with you which supplements I’m taking – as I see it come up a lot on forums etc. Obviously we’re all really different, but these are the ones that work for me: Continue reading