Moving in more ways than one…

Well hello!


We’ve moved – huzzah! Our new home is beeeeuitiful – we’re in a converted barn, on top of a hill, with the most glorious views of rolling hills surrounding us at every angle…. And I’m so happy that we’re in and it’s where our baby boy* will have his first home.

*Wait – did I tell you we’re having a boy yet??

We’re having a BOY!! 🎉

And with one kind of move, comes another… I’m *pretty* sure I’m starting to feel the lil guy moving…. it’s hard to say for certain as, being a first time mum, I don’t *really* know what I should expect to feel at this point – but I’m definitely feeling “something” going on in there – and I’m guessing it’s not just gas! ;-)

I’m now almost 18 weeks, and today we went for a Uterine Artery Doppler Scan – for anyone who doesn’t know what this is (I totally didn’t) – it’s a scan to check my blood flow in and out of Bub’s nest – AKA my womb. One of the many “higher risks” with being Type 1 diabetic, is that sometimes blood flow can be restricted – causing issues with the placenta and sometimes babies growth. And as with every piece of information I learn about along these lines; as the scan date got closer, I got more nervous.… I didn’t really have any reason to be a-worrying (well, apart from actually being T1 of course) – but still I did.

Well – turns out I didn’t need to at all – the very lovely midwife got very enthusiastic about my artery flow and kept on saying how ‘beautiful’ it was – hey; it’s the first time my blood flow has been described that way, but it was also one of the loveliest compliments to hear!

Whilst it definitely doesn’t eliminate my risk for other delights that may crop up down the line, like pre-eclampsia, it does reduce it. Which when you are classed as a “high risk” pregnancy, are sweet words indeed.

We also got to see our boy – which was a huge treat as I wasn’t actually expecting to see him today – I thought we would just be looking at my fabulously flowing arteries… but said lovely midwife declared that “of course we’ll have a quick check in on him too” – and there he was! Looking all amazing and just like a baby boy! He’s grown so much since we saw him (which was only 6 weeks ago; so incredible how different he was) – and we could see all his fingers and all his bones and his nose and – well it was just bloody lovely. 

I don’t know why but I’m always somewhat taken aback when I see he’s actually, really in there. But he actually, really is.

And today I fell a whole lot more in love with him 💙

Will write again soon…
Nadia & Bump x



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