Well… I have some NEWS!

It’s been months and months since I last blogged (not since my diaversary in February to be exact) – and what a time its been!

…. It was mostly spent moving, GETTING MARRIED, honeymooning, honeymooning some more – moving again…. and GETTING PREGNANT!!

{{Insert MUCH squealing here}}


…. So I’ve SO MUCH to share and update y’all with – and I plan to be back on this more with more… I’m thinking of a lil blog re-vamp too – it seems like such a long time ago that I started this blog…. but then it’s also kinda nice to have the whole “journey” here too. We’ll see :-)

But for now, the most bloody exciting part is THE BABY.

(sorry for all the use of capitals btw – it’s all just so exciting; bold and caps are my go-to right now)

I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant (or nearly 4 months for those who don’t use the confusing pregnancy counting lingo) – and for *anyone* who has juggled pregnancy with type 1, you’ll know there is a whole heap of new learning to do. I’ll share more on that along the way – for now I just want to share the happy bit. And it is so bloody happy.

For me, being utterly clueless about what pregnancy brings and when, I was super keen to read up on what’s “normal”. I quickly learnt that normal varies for everyone, but it’s still nice to have an idea – so here’s a super brief synopsis of my symptoms by week so far:

4, 5 & 6 – SO tired I thought I must have something dreadfully wrong with me. And the sorest boobs I’ve ever known.

7, 8, 9 – Morning sickness kicked in literally as week 7 started. I thought I’d gotten away with it – but alas no. However I do think, comparatively, I got away lightly…. I was never actually sick – just a feeling of major queasiness. Some people say that being sick is better as they would barf and get on with their day – but the thought of giving myself insulin for my food, then throwing it all back up before it had digested was about as appealing as running in front of oncoming traffic – so I was happy to take the nausea. And I can confirm it’s absolutely true that it isn’t restricted to the morning. Oh, and I also developed a nose “like a bloodhound” around now too. Literally everything smelt unpleasant. Nice!

10, 11, 12 – The queasiness definitely dissipated – I thought it had gone altogether – but it did keep deciding to pop back to say hello every so often. However around this time I started to feel really good – and thought I’d hit the 2nd trimester “honeymoon”. Woo hoo!

13 & 14 – Alas the tiredness seems to have kicked back in with a vengeance. To be fair there is *a lot* going on…. my mum has been in and out of hospital – which is obviously not so great. Plus each time I visit the hospital, I seem to be picking up bugs – which means I’ve had a mouth full of ulcers, sore throat and sniffles for the past few weeks too. Bleagh.

Plus we’re moving – yes, again! – in ten days…. to a gorgeous place with more space for Bubs – but with that comes the actual moving part. Ugh.
…. Annnnnd my CGM isn’t working so well…. I may get into this on a separate post, but basically its not tracking great – which means that its not ever-so reliable. When you add to that mix blood sugars that are insanely erratic at the mo (2.8 suddenly seems to be ‘not that low’ it’s such a frequent visitor to my meter), plus no hypo awareness, then it makes everything from mealtimes to driving to just nipping to the shops a bit of a lottery. Oh, and between my pump buzzing at me cos I’ve set my blood sugars alerts super tight, and the hypo’s, I keep getting woken up every couple of hours through the night…. Which some might say is great practice for when baby is here…

(tip – don’t say this to my face – I’m tired, a little stressed out, and hormonal – therefore cannot be responsible for how I may respond).

From about week 7 my blood sugars also started dropping quite dramatically – as did my insulin to carb ratio…. I’m currently 1:20 for dinner – and quite often need 20/30g “snacks” to keep my blood sugars up – all of which is quite BONKERS.


…. I am expecting that to start swinging the other way soon as second and third trimester insulin resistance kicks in…. I don’t really know when this might start – some say it can be from week 14, others seem to be not very affected till week 24… either way, as someone who has a fear of insulin in general (or, more specifically – a massive fear of hypos – thus I’ve always tried to keep my insulin doses as low as possible as less insulin means less room for margin of error = less severe hypos), then I’m really *not* looking forward to that bit. I keep hearing insulin needs are likely to triple – and lots of people say their insulin to carb ratio can become as high as 1:3.

(I’ve actually heard even worse than that – but even the thought of typing out I could need to dose 20 units in one hit for a lowly 20g carb meal makes me feel I may start hyperventilating – so we’ll not go there just yet…)

But in spite of the above;

I am *loving* being pregnant. I really, truly am.

If it weren’t for the t1 I’m pretty sure I could be one of those women who get a bit addicted to being pregnant. I love that my body is changing, I love my little bump, I love that I know there’s a small person growing inside me… I love sharing it all with my gorgeous husband…. I love every bit.

Apart from the D.

But I guess it brings balance – and hey – I would probably be excruciating without the flip-side! :-)

I’ve LOADS more to chat to you about on this new t1 Mama journey – so I’m hoping once this move is done I’ll get more into the swing of things on here and update you more often…

So till then,
With love from Bump & Me xx


Pye in the oven! :)



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