One for the ladies: what they don’t tell us about periods, blood sugars, and type 1 diabetes…

… well, at least understand them – for better blood sugar balancing :-)

Yep – I’m writing a blog post on periods.

… with good reason – promise. You see, I noticed a pattern in my monthly cycle before I went on insulin, and there’s an even stronger pattern now I’m on insulin – and I don’t quite know why us girlies aren’t told about this when we’re handed the insulin in the first place.

For some women, I know it literally takes *years* to figure out the connection – and for others, well, they think they can spot a patten – but ask their DSN/Endo/Helpful Diabetes Specialist – only to be told they’ve never heard of a connection between menstruation and blood sugars.

Not confusing for peeps at all. It’s not like we’re already trying to juggle a mathematical feat worthy of Einstein each time we inject insulin anyway; knowing there’s (for many women) a monthly pattern wouldn’t be helpful to know in advance at all…. {sarcastic, moi?}.

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Healthy-ish ;-) Peanut Putter & Chocolate Chip Cookies – Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan

Salted Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies - Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Low(ish) Carb

Hello SP’s… Gosh, it’s been a bouncy ol’ time since I started insulin nearly three months ago – my head is literally bursting with the information I keep on finding out; all of which hasn’t quite made it to my blog, but most of which I share on my facebook page – so if you’re interesting in all the type 1 diabetes and insulin related stuff, come follow me there :-)

The good news is that I *think* I’m finding some balance with it all – and whilst my head is whirring from all the reading, still one of my favourite ways to relax and switch off the whizzing brain is to hop over to the right side and get creative in the kitchen! This is my latest experiment… Continue reading