Fabulous Fudge!

Coconut, Walnut & Mulberry Fudge

I’ve never been that much of a fan of normal fudge – even with a sweet tooth I always found it way too sweet and sickly…. so for me, these are a perfect alternative – and also seem to work perfectly if my blood sugar is slightly on the low side at night and I want something to hold them steady, without causing a spike, till morning….

Recently I went to a friends baby shower and made two variations to take; a carob and coconut nectar one for those avoiding cacao/honey, and a cacao and honey one for those who aren’t! :-)

Both were yummy… Continue reading


A confession of sorts… A change… A new journey…

… I’ve mulled over this post for a while. Well, almost 4 weeks – to be more precise.

Y’see, 4 weeks ago I started insulin. Continue reading