One Year On…

one year ago today
Hola SP’s…

Well, I’ve been mulling this post off and on all this week… why this week…? Well, cos it is a year ago – precicely – since I was diagnosed with the “Big D”… course it was a few months still till I learn it was type 1 diabetes, but it was this week I got the general diabetes diagnosis…

I can’t pinpint the exact day: mostly cos my GP’s surgery seemed to think they were just informing me I’d stubbed my toe: I remember clearly needing to go in for a re-check on Valentines day; cos I remember thinking: how romantic – the most exciting thing I have going on today is getting my blood sugars re-tested…! And I also know that was a Thursday last year – and that weekend I went to London to spend the night dancing away with my most fabulous of fabulous gay friends… but I’m pretty sure they rang me on the Friday before I left for London to say my result was high; and I needed to book an appointment with the doctor to discuss – and I remember thinking: well that’s no surprise – and sort of deciding not to worry about it till I saw the doctor – as I was determined to enjoy gadding about London Town… :-)

Then… I clearly remember when I did go in to see me GP: cos he was like “OK, so you are diabetic”  (I had said I suspected I was in my last appointment with him; and he said it was *highly* unlikely) – and then just garbled on about medications; as if it was no big deal that he’d just told me something that would likely affect my life foreverI remember sitting there thinking “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry” – as well as “it’s your fault…” – both of which were highly useful thoughts to be having. Not.

Anyway, if you’ve followed this blog; you’ll know I then spent about three months thinking I was type 2, and doing *everything* I could to rectify things – before finding out my GAD antibodies were through the roof… and *still* clinging onto being type 2; till finally my c-peptide results showed I was hardly producing insulin; and finally, fully accepting I was type 1… which was a bit of a bumpy ride – but good to be finally (sorta) clear with what I was dealing with.

Along that way I met lots of UBER inspiring and awesome other t1’s – and families of t1’s – and just generally awesome people.

I’ve also had *so much* support – from my darling fiends (thank you) – but also from comparative strangers (CJ, still, thank you) – and often times total strangers… I’m a total softie; and it always touches my heart – thank you ♥

I’ve also had my share of hate mail; but even that I have learnt to hold compassion for: I don’t fully get it – but do get everyone is fighting their own battle – so I’m grateful for the reminders/lessons…

… and along the way, my lil blog has won two awards; the second of which I’ve not yet acknowledged – but both of which I’m super-chuffed about.

I mean it when I say this blog – and it readers – have, at times, been my outlet and source of comfort / strength – for which I shall be eternally grateful: especially though a time that could have so easily been filled with darkness.

… and so, one year on – where am I at…? Well, my blood sugars have *mostly* been stable – they’ve been higher than I’d like at times – but mostly barely have been out of the pre-diabetic range; which given I’ve not used a single medication for; I’m quietly pleased about. If it lasts, great – if it doesn’t; thats a year off medication I gave to my body. Both are good.

– plus, my life overall is more in balance now: I was a *complete* hermit for most of the last year – and also *very* strict on my diet… but all ‘work’ and no play makes Nadia lose herself… I’m gigglishly happy to say both my hermit status, and diet, have chilled a little – and though this sometimes means reassessing how to keep my blood sugars level; the happiness the playtime brings is SO worth it… :-)

So, thats about it – in terms of my one-year-on review; I’m eagerly awaiting to see a Professor who specialises in t1 research; and hopefully will see him soon – which will be interesting – as I’ve not seen a doctor / consultant since last summer…and though I know my blood sugars are relatively stable; I have *no idea* if things like my GAD is going down; or insulin is going up – so I look forward to being a little more “enlightened” on that front – and of course, will keep you posted…

Other than that; I was mulling whether I would have changed this last year… and overall; the answer in no. Would I rather not have diabetes? Hell yes. But would I change the things that have happened as a result of it? Hell no! :-)

I’m not saying it’s always been sweet; but it’s been My Sweet Life

xo Nadia ox


Some highlights in pictures…


2 thoughts on “One Year On…

  1. Nadia, though i don’t know you well, more as a 3rd party friend of a very special friend, i want you to know that you are an inspiration to us all. Many of us deal with the occasional problem that comes our way, usually practicalities, logistical or work problems. There are also many of us who, like you, have a daily issue to deal with. Reading such a positive and proactive approach to live both inspires and enables. Thank you. Mansel x

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