Sensational Salt


Hello SP’s… I just read a super interesting article on Reasons To Eat Salt, written by the Wellness Mama, and wanted to share it with you… 

I realised about a month or so back, that I’d accidentally removed virtually all traces of salt from my diet: mostly because I’d spent a summer eating raw foods and salads, and had just forgotten to put a grind or two of salt on top… anyway – my blood pressure dropped crazy low (80/50) and I started feeling very “not right”; so consciously started adding salt back in: result – feeling oodles better and blood pressure in a much healthier state at 110/70.

Add to that these two things, which I didn’t know about salt; and it all starts to make a lot more sense at to why I’ve been feeling better…

“For Insulin Sensitivity: The “link” between salt intake and cardiovascular problems is getting a lot of scrutiny lately. At the same time, research is showing a link between low salt consumption and insulin resistance (and moderate/high salt intake and insulin sensitivity).”


“Salt has been shown to speed up cortisol clearance from the blood. The faster you clear cortisol, the quicker you recover from a stressor.”

… The first bit, about insulin sensitivity, is fairly obvious as to why it would help me; the second is also a lightbulb moment, as there’s lots around adrenal fatigue and diabetes… and the adrenals suffer when our cortisol levels are high.

Which also, interestingly, then impacts our blood pressure; and if adrenal related, makes it go super low…

Hence all super interesting! 

I use Himalayan pink salt every day now :-)

… Super salt for sweet peeps! xo


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