Sixty Second Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Tapenade

Hello SP’s! How’s you this week…?

I just wanted to share with you a super simple, super quick, and super yummy dippy thingy I created… it’s sorta a cross between a tapanede and a cream cheese (yes really; something about it tastes really creamy!)  – I’ve been having it with celery sticks but pretty sure it’d be damn tasty on a cracker, if you’re a crackers kinda person – no pun intended…

So, it is:

  • Around 7 sun-dried tomatoes; I use sun-dried as these are lower carb than sun-blush – but if carbs ain’t a concern, sun-blush might lend more sweetness and be slightly more dip and less pate in it’s texture;
  • A couple of teaspoons of tahini;
  • A generous handful of basil leaves; I like the Thai basil leaves, but any are good;
  • A few grinds of himalayan salt and black pepper.

Whizz with a hand blender; mine has a little bowl attachment so I did it in that… and that’s literally it. Soooo simple, but so good! Like all the best things in life… ;-)

You could play with this and use avocado instead of the tahini, or olives instead of (or as well as) the sun-dried toms… let me know how you get on, and…
Enjoy! xo


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