People & Resources Who Rock & I Rate…


Today someone posted a comment a comment on my recipe page, saying that it would be rather helpful if I shared a list of books and resources that I’ve used thus far to help me… which was exactly the kick up the backside I needed as I’ve been meaning to do that very thing since I started this blog!

I think the reason I’ve put it off a little is because I could literally write and entire blog post on each and every person, book and link on this list; so this is a highly condensed version of my reasons for these recommendations! However, if I waited till I got round to expanding upon each of them, we might have been here in 2015 sometime… ;-)

I’m also *pretty* sure I’ve missed some people/things – bearing in mind I really did lock myself away for 6 months solidly, doing nothing but read, research, and self-experiment… but – given we’ve already established the length of time it might have taken were I to make this a complete list, this is a start for you lovelies to be getting on with…

The page is a permanent tab along the top on my homepage; entitled “People & Resources I Rate” – and you can also find it here.

If there’s anything you’d like to suggest I might want to include on there – please just mail me or leave a comment below – otherwise, hope you find it helpful, sweet peeps! xo


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