Sensational Salt


Hello SP’s… I just read a super interesting article on Reasons To Eat Salt, written by the Wellness Mama, and wanted to share it with you…  Continue reading


Sixty Second Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Tapenade

Hello SP’s! How’s you this week…?

I just wanted to share with you a super simple, super quick, and super yummy dippy thingy I created… it’s sorta a cross between a tapanede and a cream cheese (yes really; something about it tastes really creamy!)  – I’ve been having it with celery sticks but pretty sure it’d be damn tasty on a cracker, if you’re a crackers kinda person – no pun intended… Continue reading

No Sh*t Sherlock!

If you’re anywhere *near* as nutty about BBC’s Sherlock as me, then you’ll be:

a) Rushing home for 8.30pm tonight, and;

b) Really rather gutted that we’re at episode 3, already… sigh.

However, there is still tonights awesomeness to look forward; lets face it, it’s bound to be fabulous: and who knows, we might even discover how he jumped off the roof?!

In the meantime, my absolute favourite quote of the series so far, from season 3, episode 2 – John’s wedding last week:

Mycroft: Sherlock, what do we say about coincidence…

Sherlock: – coincidence: the universe is rarely so lazy.


That’s all :-)


People & Resources Who Rock & I Rate…


Today someone posted a comment a comment on my recipe page, saying that it would be rather helpful if I shared a list of books and resources that I’ve used thus far to help me… which was exactly the kick up the backside I needed as I’ve been meaning to do that very thing since I started this blog!

I think the reason I’ve put it off a little is because I could literally write and entire blog post on each and every person, book and link on this list; so this is a highly condensed version of my reasons for these recommendations! Continue reading

Happy New Year! Plus Why Your New Years’ Exercise Resolutions Might Make You Fat…


Well hello my gorgeous, sweet peeps – and woop – it’s 2014…!

2013 had a slightly funny energy to it; I’m generally not tremendously superstitious – but it did have thirteen in it; which I think did prove unlucky for some… anyway, t’is gone now and I genuinely, really like how 2014 looks/sounds/feels… :-)

So, today I want to jump right in on a topic that used to puzzle me *a lot*; exercise.

It’s that time of year where we tend to think about it; and make New Years resolutions around it – after all we all know it’s good for us and we should do more of it – but what isn’t always that well known or understood is that we may not all be suited to trying to do the same type of exercise; nor be expecting the same rewards…. Continue reading