Happy Yule-tide, Yalda, Winter Solstice Blessings!

Happy first day of winter!

Whatever you call it; today has been a day that’s marked in Pagan, Nordic, Egyptian and Persian calendars (and I’m sure many others) for centuries… it’s marked as being the shortest day; in terms of daylight hours – but it’s also the day we start moving back towards the light… Winter isn’t my favourite season*, so I find much comfort in knowing that from now on the days will start to get longer!

*don’t misunderstand me; I love crisp mornings – and the winter light can add a different dimension of prettiness to nature that the summer light doesn’t; but I do wish it was a shorter season… What can I say; I’m a summer gal all the way! I love the seasons, but for me, if summer could be 9 months of the year, and we just had a month of winter, autumn and spring, that would be a-okay :-)

Anyway, I digress – I’m good at that – I know a lot of people can struggle a little at this time of year; often it’s just put down to the stress of getting everything ready for Christmas (which, granted, can add to things) – but for many a shift in the seasons can bring “stuff” up; emotional and physical. It tends to be a time of change too; even though that change can feel painful… it’s likely  a change that needs to happen in order to bring you back to the lighter side of life.

So I really just wanted to let you know that the light is on it’s way; both literally and emotionally/physically. That causes for a celebration me thinks!

Yule entry

So amidst the chaos of all the last minute prepping for next week taking place; try to take a little time today to celebrate the day that our oldies understood the importance of acknowledging – knowing that each year, this cycle of birth, death and rebirth took place; and that after every period of cold and darkness, the sun does indeed return.

Have a lovely, wintry day sweet peeps xo



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