Perfume Review; Tsi La Organic Perfumes… Heaven In A Bottle!

Hello Sweet Peeps; ah how I had forgotten how bonkers busy December can be!!

Though I’ve not blogged for a week or so, I’ve thought of you often… and have a spare hour or so this morning so wanted to get this out to you as it’s currently a *very* good price; and surely you deserve a lil something for Christmas… ;-)

I’ve been aware of the importance of generally living as clean and toxic / chemical free lifestyle as possible for a while now; way before my diabetes diagnosis – but since my diagnosis, and especially cos of it being type 1 diabetes and therefore having the autoimmune thang going on, I’ve been even more aware of not putting any unnecessary toxins into my body; I don’t want to distract it from all it’s healing it’s busy doing now do I…? :-)

Plus, since cutting out many of the previously “pleasure giving” foods (sugar, carbs – all the comfort stuff I used to use…), I’ve been looking at other ways to pamper and treat myself; and the luxury of beauty products; especially the luxury of smells, has fast become a newfound passion. During winter, one of my absolute joys are Epsom salt baths; and adding essential oils depending on my mood (rose for comfort, lavender for a good nights sleep, eucalyptus for an achey body…) just makes the experience that much more pleasurable.

Because of this I’ve been on the quest for a new perfume; I loved Stella in Two, but then they stopped making it – and I also liked her signature scent – but then I found out that the scent is from “naturally derived synthetics”, plus the license is held by L’Oréal, which kinda put me off.

Whist nearly all my household cleaning products and hair products are entirely natural, I kinda feel skin products in any form are the most important to ensure you go super green on; especially ones you leave on your skin – like moisturisers and scents. Why? Because the skin has an incredible capacity to absorb anything you put onto it into your system – which is why there are now magnesium body sprays and lotions for people who don’t want to take supplements. Plus, if you think about it, one of the places we apply perfume is to our wrists – right next to the veins – which are often close to the surface – and so I’m pretty sure anything you’re applying there is going to end up in your system. That’s my logic anyhoo, and is why I want to ensure the perfume I use is a good un’.

The problem is that many of the completely, truly natural perfumes are either very “hippyish” (not cool, Californian hippy-chick either), or very, very expensive… So when I saw the company Tsi La in Wholefoods, I was intrigued… I asked the sales assistant if they had samples – they did not. But I discovered that I could buy the sample set here – and whilst not cheap, I wanted to be sure I got a perfume I liked.

In the sample set you get Fleur Sauvage, Kizes, Ilang Ilang, Fiori d’Arancio and Kesu.

I’m not going to go into a description of all of them as that would make a tremendously long post, so you can read about them all here.

In brief, there wasn’t a single one I really didn’t like; they are all honestly lovely, and all feel good to wear – I just liked some even more than others… My favourites in order preference were: Kesu, Llang Llang, Fiori D’Arancio, Kizes, then Fleur Sauvage. I’m not mad on florals which is why Fleur Sauvage is last on my list; but even that was lovely to my nose – I honestly think the whole collection is fab.

The one that I’m *absolutely nuts* over though is Kesu – I am literally addicted to this one! It was the sample I used up the quickest, and then missed the most – so bought a bottle last week – and even after a week of using it I literally cannot stop sniffing my wrists!! I don’t know what’s in it, but there’s something about it that I find a mixture of soothing and uplifting – it’s almost as good a chocolate – and you know how much I like my *raw chocolate!! ;-)

The description is

Elegant notes of warm amber and precious rare woods are combined with seductive, smoky incense, a hint of Egyptian jasmine, davana, exotic spices, and fresh lime to create a mysterious, unisex, natural perfume steeped in sensuality.

It’s also described as mediative and calming; and I definitely would say it has that effect on me. Not in an “I’m now so calm I’d like to go to sleep” way, just something really warm, nurturing and amazing about it; it’s a little like someone has just wrapped a blanket around me. Not knowing all that much about scents, I can’t really put my finger on what smell it is in this that I’m so addicted to, but I’d guess it’s the amber or davana as those are the only ingredients not in any of the others. It’s really tricky to relay into words, but its pretty safe to say I LOVE this perfume.

Oh, and it goes without saying (but I shall anyway) that their ingredients and ethics are bloomin’ fab; again I’ll not write out all the brilliantness of the company, but you can read more here – essentially they’re all 100% flower and plant based, vegan and only use plant essences and raw organic oils. You can read more about the ingredients here too :-)

So there you have it – my absolute new favourite go to pick me up; and the reason I wanted to write and tell you about it asap, is because some of them are currently on special offer… normally they’re £30 for a small roll-on (it is a teeny bottle, be forewarned – but a) it’s an oil, not a spray – so you don’t need as much, b) it fits super easily into a handbag, and c) it’s worth it! Honestly, don’t be put off by the size – I’ve been using it generously every day and it still looks completely full; I’d guess a bottle will last me a few months…) – anyway, but

** currently they’re between £13.50 and £20 **

– but I don’t know how long for as the price keeps changing every day I’ve noticed; so recommend stocking up quickly!

And with that in mind, I’ll sign off – and wish you happy, happy perfume oil buying!
Much love, sweet peeps xo

*speaking of raw chocolate, I’m receiving two exciting deliveries this week… I know I need some armour to carry me through the impending festive season of much temptation – and at family and friends events there’s going to be *a lot* of temptation under my nose; and I didn’t want to spend a week in the kitchen making things, as, well, it’s Christmas… so I’ve two raw chocolate orders winging their way to me, both if which I’m *very* excited about – and both of which I’ll write more about soon…


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