Thanksgiving Day Thoughts, Thankful Quotes & Gratitude Jars…

Hello Sweet Peeps; Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that in America, today is a pretty big deal for many of you… and I also know that for those of you who are trying to maintain a way of eating that suits your body, it can also be a very tricky day too! I’m in the UK so we don’t “do” thanksgiving here – but rest assured I have that to look forward to at Christmas time… :)


Anyhoo, I’ve been reading a bit about thanksgiving and what it means – and seems there’s a fair bit of controversy… as it’s a topic I don’t know *heaps*about (and my lil head is already *crammed* full of future research topics!!) – I’ll just give my very simplistic take:

Any authentic gratitude is honourable, in my book – and what I mean by this is that although there may be darkness that surrounds any one or anything, we can still choose to find the light – there is always something to be grateful for. And we can strive to do that everyday – I know I do… and sometimes I don’t quite make it. That’s OK, there’s always another day, hour or minute to try again :)

imagesSo whilst I don’t think we only need to be thankful or grateful for one day of the year, choosing a day to focus on being thankful is a lovely place to start. I am reminded by something I read (I honestly don’t remember the source; I *think* it’s Liz Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame) – anyway, the idea is to have a gratitude jar, and every day to put in a note about something you’re grateful for.… at the end of the year you can read through all the notes, and it makes an extra-specially heart bursting day with gratitude for how wonderful your life is. I’m pretty sure tradition here is to start this on New Years Eve/Day – but I reackon Thanksgiving Day would also be a perfect time to start this, don’t you? :)

… And whilst looking for a lovely quote on gratitude and being thankful, I found so many I couldn’t choose! So I forced myself to stop looking, and selected a few to share with you below…

With that, I am, as always *so thankful* for you lovely readers;

– and whether you’re celebrating it or not, wishing you a beautiful day…

Much love and gratitude,
Me xo









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