Is Social Media Contributing To Loneliness? Does Loneliness Matter?

I just watched an interesting video on loneliness… it’s a topic I’ve been exploring more and more lately; partially just to understand it better and partially because I read lots of conflicting things around it… 

Many reports suggest that loneliness is the number one pre-curser to disease – and that it also slows your ability to recover from illness… but then many “spiritual” (I use this term loosely to encompass various beliefs) schools of thought suggest that the opposite is true; that being completely at ease with being alone and not requiring any anyone or anything is the path to wellness and happiness.

(though I must add – many of these say that it’s not about seeking anyone/thing external as we’re never really alone because The Universe/Krishna/God is with us/within us).

I enjoy my own company – which is a good thing as I live alone in the sticks – but I do sometimes feel lonely. Social media helps alleviate that – or does it…?

If a self actualization ideal is sought through “personal achievements; such as wealth, career, self image and consumerism” – then perhaps that – combined with seeking a feeling of not being lonely, is the reason so many of us, including me, blog?

Thoughts, sweet peeps…?

PS – there is a picture of a girl doing a selfie with big bazookers when you first hit this page – I think it’s meant to get people to click on the link?! Anyway, ignore it and scroll down – the video is actually well done, even if the image is less so… ;-) 


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