Supplement Try Out – GlycoX 500

Ooh, I’m so excited – I’ve a new supplement to try! 

(I’m simultaneously laughing at the fact a new supplement excites me! Gone are the days where I might spend my money on new shoes for kicks – all my highs in life come in herbs, supplements and super foods forms now! ;-)

– anyway, I digress – as I’ve mentioned recently, my blood sugars are not that groovy the last two or three weeks or so. I seem to have parked up in the 7’s & 8’s (125 – 150) – and the usual things like exercise aren’t really bringing them down. The two things I can attribute this to are either that I’ve been run down the last few weeks – and I know insulin gets used up at a higher rate when the body is trying to fight off some lurgy – and/or I’ve been eating cooked foods. Only cooked veggies – still no grains or pulses – but it’s possible my body just isn’t ready for cooked stuff yet.

The problem is, I am. Very ready in fact. Not because I don’t love raw foods; I honestly really do – and happily switched back to 100% raw on my recent lil trip to Barcelona – but that’s cos it was WARM there. I just can’t bring myself to eat 100% cold foods, when the weather is also, well – 100% cold! It’s been hitting freezing in the UK and I need to eat foods that help keep my whole system warm… perhaps if I could afford to have the heating on 24/7 it would be different – but I can’t, and so… I’m not quite ready to kiss goodbye to a winter of warming foods just yet.

And so, I have been seeking a solution… and it may just be in the form of GlycoX 500.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I have some pretty amazing friends – one of whom is Lauren Gray; now Lauren is a relationship rockstar in her own right – but she also happens to be the daughter of John Gray. In another life before diabetes I was lucky enough to spend time with, and be trained by John – which is how I became friends with the lovely Lauren.  What lots of people don’t know about her pops is that he’s a pretty forward thinking health expert too. So… being the sweetheart she is, Lauren knew about my crusade and asked her dad what might help my diabetes – and he told me about GlycoX 500. That was actually a couple of months ago – but at the time I’d literally just bought about £200 of supplements (I told ya my life was rock n’ roll nowadays!) – and my blood sugars were also pretty stable – so I kinda thought I’d come back to his recommendation when I felt I needed it – which is kinda now. 

In addition to Lauren & John’s help on this, I also am soooo happy to have befriended a fabulous Mama of an amazing type 1 diabetic boy in the US – and whilst we were chatting about all things blood sugar related she also recommended GlycoX 500… she says her son’s blood sugars are a dream on it – hence it definitely became time to give it a try!

I could attempt tell you all about it myself, but John’s done a video about it – so you might as well hear it from the horses mouth instead of mine :)

I ordered it on Friday, and it just arrived this morning… and I’ll obviously keep you posted on how I get on with it!
Happy Tuesday, sweet peeps… xo

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