Clever Friends, Lucky Me – Lunar Calendar & Henna Delights

Hello Sweet Peeps…


I’ve had this lil beauty in my hands for a few weeks, and I’m finally getting round to blogging about it!

I came home from an friends engagement party last week and thought

gosh, I have really incredible friends – how lucky am I“?!!

– so first and foremost, muchos gratitude to you all for being so lovely and wonderful and talented and fabulous.

…And though it’s been in my brain to since I started this blog, I am at last getting round to sharing with you how amazingly special and clever so many of my friends are – just some in my circle are: artists, dancers, amazing raw treat makers, monks, visionary’s, nutritionists and naturopaths, yoga teachers, coaches, mentors, authors – and many more people of general fabulousness!
I am soooo grateful to know each and every one of these people that eventually I’m going to build a directory-esque page, solely devoted to their amazing skills – as well as resources and other things I’ve found so, so useful on my journey – but for now, lets start with the lovely Gwen.

I always imagine that inside Gwen’s head must be like Alice in Wonderland – how else could such fantastic creations be created without an extra-ordinary imagination…?

Today I’m reviewing her lovely lunar moon calendar – but do hop over to her etsy shop to see some of her other magical creations, no really – they are wondrous….

But, yes – the calendar… now I don’t know about you, but I definitely have different funkarillo’s depending on the moon.

Some say this is poppycock, but quite frankly a) I don’t see how the moon can have such a vast effect on tides, but not on us mere mortals that average 70% water too… b) it’s well documented that mental health hospitals, accident and emergency wards and police stations notice a spike in their “busy-ness” on full moons, and c) often I don’t even know it’s a full moon, and wonder why I feel a bit wired and can’t sleep – then I look it up, n’ low and behold… aha, it’s a full moon! Perhaps not scientific, but has happened consistently enough for me to know there’s something in this moon malarkey.

Which is why it’s rather handy to have a moon cycle calendar – to know what Lady Lunar is up to… and double desirable if it’s not only useful and informative, but pretty bloomin’ lovely to look at too!
Gwen’s attention to detail on this is just lovely – in fact you can see just how much work she puts into creating these delights via this wee video. Clever, no?

photo 1

photo 2photo 4There’s the sorta expected info, like when the moon is full, waning, new and waxing – and then – rather handily also, there’s the other major seasonal shifts in the year noted on the calendar too; like Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, Samhain – and the summer & winter solstice plus the spring and autumn equinox ones too.
Some call them notable Pagan or Wiccan dates… to me they’re just dates that help keep us in tune with the seasons – and in turn, help us to understand if times feel a bit wobbly, why – and most importantly keep us connected to the fact that, like the seasons, things, emotions & situations are ever changing.

For me, part of my diabetes-be-gone journey has been centred around re-connecting to nature, and re-connecting to myself – so a calendar like this, whilst oh-so-very pretty – has a very real practical use too.

For three british pounds and eighty pence you can get your hands on Gwen’s delight – which is $9 – and I think you’ll agree – a bargain. If you go to GwenDaviesArt at Etsy, you’ll also see her lovely magical hand drawn items {did someone say it’s a month to the day till Christmas…?!} – plus you could follow her on book face too :)

Oh, and one last big-up to my clever friend; she also does the prettiest henna tattoo’s I’ve ever seen (and I’ve lived in the middle east so seen lots!). This lil delight was one she did in about five minutes, *in the dark*, at previously mentioned party last week… she also does much more intricate wedding henna, or henna parties – or even henna painting on canvas. Have I mentioned she’s really clever? 
Mail her or check out her website for more info.

OK, that’s it sweet peeps – I’m gonna try and get a recipe that I made for *the most yummy* roasted brussels sprouts up asap – and I also want to do a post on supplements soon… as well as so many others!
But for now – stay warm n’ much love xo



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