The Universe Whispered…

WOW, I just had to share this quickie with you my dear sweet peeps; as you might have seen I’ve been going through a bit of a bouncy time this last week or so… and guess what? During the last few days I’ve had *four* type 1 diabetics’s “appear” from no-where, all of whom aren’t insulin dependant and changed their insulin needs through diet.

Now four may not seem a whole lot to you, but up until the last few days, I literally only knew about four others in total that existed out there – and I had spent 8 months searching high and low just to find those four!
Through my blog another two have mailed me directly, which in turn led to the discovery of another three – and today, completely accidentally, I found two more…!

I don’t think it’s a co-incidence all these people have started to appear at the exact same time I’m having a wobbly week; I really feel like I’m just being gently nudged to have faith – and keep on keeping on.

Made me smile – so had to share – hopefully it will make you smile too :)

That’s all – enjoy your weekend sweet peeps,
Much love

PS – this was also a fantastic reminder:

We’re always being supported, even if it’s not in the ways we might expect.




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