9 Months On & World Diabetes Day

Hola sweet peeps! A quick Spanish post from me from beautiful Barcelona, as coincidentally it’s EXACTLY 9 months since I was diagnosed a type 1 diabetic…


It’s world diabetes day…
~ and I’m in Barcelona, stocking up on lots of vitamin D for the winter ahead ;)

However I just spotted the lovely Food Matters peeps have put together a package for world diabetes day, which, if you’re newly diagnosed or just generally on the path to Wellville, I would tot’s recommend; I have seen the Food Matters, Hungry for Change, plus Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentaries – though not all are entirely suitable for t1’s from my personal experience, all are fantastic, diabetic or no.

Plus Simply Raw was the first ever documentary that gave me hope that t1’s might be able to help themselves heal via diet too; so I *definitely* recommend it – it’s the foundation of what I continue to follow through Gabriel Cousens Curing Diabetes Naturally – and what I hope to follow for 9 months, and 9 years, and 19 years ahead… :)

And today, taking each day as it comes – it is a Barcelona beach day…


…Mucho amor dulce amigos xo


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