Life on Mars…


Hello Loves!

Yesterday I wrote you a happy lil blog post on my latest HbA1c results; but this was just one of a few exciting things that happened this last week – I also met a very cool lady who’s son is type 1 diabetic, *and doesn’t take insulin*… !

As I said to her when she first contacted me; though I know they must be out there, finding these people feels a little like one of those films where the whole world has imploded and there’s one survivor left… the character in these films believes there must be others out there, but inevitably at some point in the film their beliefs can wobble… this was pretty much how I realised I felt – and hence how shamazing it was to actually have real-life contact with this very special lady and hear all about her journey with her son… {very grateful}

One of the most amazing things is that the son is still a child – so definitely falls into the realms of Juvenile Diabetes… which is often a “criticism” I see about the few adults I’ve read about that are Type 1 and managing their condition in anyway with the assistance of diet & lifestyle: that it’s not “real” Type 1 and that they (we’re) simply in the honeymoon phase. I’ve written before about how completely odd I find this way of thinking, so I’m not going to re-visit that – but my point being that this, to me, categorically proves that there is hope for *any* form of type 1.

What this hope actually means is very personal to each individual who is dealing with diabetes; to some its the hope of a cure, others that there’s hope to at least slow the progress of their condition, others a reduction in the amount of insulin they currently take… and for me it’s probably a combination of the above. But fundamentally it’s knowing that I can manage my blood sugars though food and lifestyle choices (mind, body spirit) – its not a “fluke” as some seem to suggest – is just the extra bit of juj that helps me enormously on wobbly days.

With her permission I will share more as our journeys progress; even thus far the similarities between us, despite our huge differences in age, location and gender – are all fairly goose-bump inducing – as it shows there is a pattern… and I believe that by understanding the pattern, we can learn how to break it :-)

And in addition to all that (like that wasn’t excitement enough!) I also learnt about another mum in the US who has two type 1 boys; also both not on insulin – amazing!! You can read about her story here, plus I know she has a whole host of support materials too which I hope to be able to comment on at some point; but the main thing at the moment is this:

there are some incredible things happening out there and things do not have to be hopeless…

~ if you’re diabetic; or suffering from any chronic illness or condition: keep the faith my sweet peeps ♥

PS: Do you know what your name is said to mean…? It always makes me feel fuzzy to be reminded that my name, Nadia, means “hope” ~ this of course could be entirely co-incidental ~ but it is a word that features fairly prominently in my life, so makes me smile :-)



4 thoughts on “Life on Mars…

  1. Hi Nadia, my name is Marta. Many thanks for your blog, it’s really nice. My story is soooo similar than yours. Yesterday, I wrote you an email, did you read? I would like to stay in touch with you and also with another people in our same case to share our experiences. It seems we’re not alone!! Warmest regards, Marta.

    • Hi Marta!

      How lovely to hear from you ~ I did get your email, yes – and just replied ~ I was away in Barcelona for a week… :)

      I agree, I would love this to become a place for people to share their tips and experiences as I know there must be loads more sweet peeps out there with their own fabulous knowledge to share!

      Do stay in touch and let me know how you are getting on – and thanks so much for connecting with me!
      Nadia xo

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