Happy Happy HbA1c!

!!glucose-meterJust a *super quick* post as it’s been an uber busy week of much great happenings; one of them being that I wanted to share with you my latest HbA1c… For any of you lovely sweet peeps who aren’t familiar with what a HbA1c is (which I think is just known as an A1c in America), here’s an overview.

When I was diagnosed diabetic my HbA1c was originally 7.5 (59 in new terms – and bearing in mind I was only tested at this point because I insisted upon it; so it was caught very early… I remember my doctor saying to me “ok, we’ll do it – but I can tell you now you’re clearly not diabetic…” ~ oh the irony!)… anyway, upon said result I worked on bringing it down by cutting out all sugar / refined foods etc, but it only came down a leetle-bit… bummer.

Then I found out I was type 1 diabetic – and learnt I really couldn’t handle grains or legumes in any form… and so dramatically adjusted my diet further – and then when I was retested in July it was 6.5 (47) – whoop!

I just had it checked again, and this time it was…. 6.1 (43) – wool woop squee!!

They’re small changes that make me a very happy bunny two fold – one cos I now only need to drop a teeny-tiny bit lower (5.9 or 41) and I’ll be classified as non-diabetic {fanfare!}


This time last year (pre-diagnosis) my HbA1c was 6.3 – meaning its now lower than it was a year ago – so things are *regressing* not progressing!!

{{insert very smiley, happy moi}}

So, hence my happy HbA1c days my sweet peeps…! xo


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