Autumn Ayurvedic Awesomeness ~ Join Me For A Super Cleanse, Starts Monday!


Hello Sweet Peeps…. hope you’re having a fabulous day… it’s a full moon eclipse today; the perfect day for setting goals!

So, with that in mind, Just a quickie from me before the weekend starts to say I’m planning a cleanse for next week ~ autumn is setting in and we’re transitioning through the seasons… Ayurvedically, spring and autumn are perfect times of the year to cleanse our lymphatic systems, liver, and cells – and a perfect time to let go of all the gunk and junk, ready for the winter ahead…. and so thought you might like to join me…

I’ll be posting what you need to get for said cleanse later on today, plus the specifics, tips and articles and general support on my facebook page – basically I’m going to be following an approach laid out by Dr John Doulliard, who is a rather lovely Ayurvedic practitioner and who has been incredibly kind enough to offer some alternatives and tweaks to his standard detox for me – which of course I’ll share with you too.

There’s basically around four or five different options you can try, depending on what you know will work best for your body. Just an FYI that this isn’t a “diabetic persons only” cleanse; it’s a cleanse for any body who’s feeling a little sluggish and wants a lil lift before winter… plus it will help your immunity prep for winter too – bonus!

You can join the event here to keep up with the updates…

It’d be  fab if you wanted to join me; and looking forward to our sparkly, squeaky clean, awesome autumn bodies! :)

So check in for updates and have a great weekend – if you live somewhere without cloud tonight you might even be lucky enough to see the eclipse! xo


3 thoughts on “Autumn Ayurvedic Awesomeness ~ Join Me For A Super Cleanse, Starts Monday!

  1. Best wishes! How long is your cleanse? I’ll be finishing my fruit fast cleanse some time this week. This is the 18th day but I feel like I could do this so much longer. I have special guests coming so I’ll be transitioning back to cooked veggies. They want to take me to dinner.

    • Hey Michelle… thank you! It’s only a four day cleanse – it’s partially an experiment to see how my blood sugars cope with the dal – though currently not so well :-/

      I also didn’t get the herbs I ordered yet either – so may re-asses the situation…! ;-)

      Amazing that you’ve done 18 days – I did a 7 day smoothie cleanse in June; felt amazing afterwards – you’ll be flying at your dinner! :-) xo

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