An open response to anyone who finds my posts make them angry…

“Putting your head above the parapet often means someone will take it as an opportunity to take a shot…”

…. said one of the very wise people I’ve had the fortune to meet along the way… I honestly can’t remember who, but I’m pretty sure they were fabulous :)

Hello Sweet Peeps,

I mentioned in a post and on my facebook page recently that I was sad to see a fellow Type 1 who’s experimenting with lifestyle choices being attacked for trying to spread the word about his experiences… he is somewhat more “well known” than I, so whilst I wondered if I might experience similar at some point down the line, I must confess I didn’t expect it to be so soon. In someways its complimentary as it means my musings, experimentations, research and findings are reaching many peeps already; so maybe The Universe was prepping me with my comrades postings ;-)

Anyway, last night I received the following: 

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 21.39.08

… I suspect this may not be the last message I get like this, but it is my intention to respond only once; not because I don’t believe in healthy debate – I really do – but because I set up this site and my facebook page to support other diabetics, and people who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing in general and for them to support and share thier finding with me too; and, quite simply, I see nothing supportive or inquisitive about this message.

And also because I was recently fortunate enough to attend Kathryn’s workshop about Aiming True, so I’ve had recent “prep” (funny that ;) in the importance of remaining steadfast in your own beliefs and not being wavered by others who will seek you to defend your position. It’s not that I don’t have the ability to defend myself, it’s simply that I honestly don’t wish to put my energies into these things, as they’re not the things that are important to me; future wellness is what’s important to me- mine and others.  Therefore just a lil note that any future mailings of a similar nature will not be addressed/published.

I will address some of the points that Angry Type 1 makes; though again, as I don’t feel the need to excessively defend myself, my points will be relatively brief.

  • Whether I Am “Type 1 or Type 2”:
    Quite frankly, this is one of the oddest things I repeatedly saw people objecting to on the recent postings I saw; I honestly don’t completely understand the absolutely apparent offence some Type 1’s seem to take when there is a suggestion that there potentially could be some way that they could influence the course of their condition. I’m not stating that you definitely can alter it, or that you easily can – but to absolutely, unequivocally believe that you cannot is quite simply mind baffling to me. But its quite clear that this is the stance of some, by the absolute steadfast conviction that if you are in any way improving your type 1 diabetes through food or lifestyle, then you MUST NOT be type 1, and is really quite interesting to me.
    For people who follow my posts, you’ll know I quite forcefully wanted to believe I was type 2, or any other variation (for what it’s worth, I also wanted to be classified as type 1.5, or LADA – but my endocrinologist was insistent that such a type does not exist; that there is either auto-immune or non-autoimmune diabetes, and with a GAD antibody count of 1,680, when a normal count is below 5, I definitely fell into the auto-immune camp). Even after my antibody result I still pushed for more tests, so keen was I also not to be labelled as Type 1, but they still kept showing I was… so you see, I had to reach a place of peace with this too. Having friends that are type 2’s, it’s glaringly obvious to me now by the foods they’re able to eat verses the foods I can/not, that I am not a straight up type 2… but whether I’m something in-between type 1, or type 1.5 (remembering this doesn’t officially exist), we could debate till the cows come home – but we would be somewhat going off point. The point is this; at the time of my diagnosis, the only option I was given was insulin. I wanted to find out if there were other options; and this blog is for that purpose. Currently, I’m finding that there are, and long may that continue – but regardless of what happens long-term, I will continue to seek the best state of balance and ways to support my body, with or without medication – and will continue to share and support others who wish to do so to. The purpose is to empower people, not to disarm them – and most certainly never to judge them.

  • Diabetes Being The Bodies Inability To Metabolise Sugar: 
    OK, so, without getting too caught up in words here – my view is (and really, this ties into my point above, about this blog being generally to support anyone with blood sugar issues) this: anyone who is diabetic has blood sugar metabolism issues. The reasons for this may vary depending on your “type”; so it can be observed that type 2’s are insulin resistant; meaning that they have a functioning pancreas but (for various reasons) their insulin is struggling to metabolise the glucose in their systems; or they can be type 1, meaning that they may not be insulin resistant (though some are), but that their bigger problem is  their pancreas’ lack of ability to produce insulin that’s causing them to not be able to metabolise the glucose in their system: either way, it’s an inability to metabolise sugar that’s causing the blood glucose to rise. The cause may vary from case to case, but the effect is the same.
  • Sending The Message That Type 1’s Need To Avoid Taking Insulin:
    I categorically would *never* state that a type 1 diabetic should stop taking their insulin; this would be negligent and foolish of me, and most certainly is not my mission. ALWAYS seek the support of a professionally qualified person and work with your body’s needs.When I have referred to my desire to stay off insulin, my point has been this: if you’re a type 1 diabetic who is on insulin and it’s working great for you, then fantastic; I’m honestly happy to hear this. However, since learning more about diabetes, and speaking with type 1’s who are on insulin, I know many are very keen to not be – or at least to reduce their usage as much as possible. “Pretending” that insulin is a joy to be on when it seems for many it clearly isn’t is, in my humble opinion, as offensive as my beliefs that there may ways to keep insulin needs to a minimum– so we may simply have to agree to disagree on that one.  Again, I’m not stating that staying off insulin is possible; it’s something that I’m learning about and I’m simply sharing what I’m learning with you; but if something I share helps to support someone who is not yet on insulin, to stay off it for as long as possible, or someone who is on it, to reduce it – then that’s pretty bloomin’ worth it in my book. If that doesn’t appeal to you, no biggie – just don’t read my posts :-)
  • “Fad Diets And Supplements” And Their Ability To Help Manage Any Illness, Including Diabetes
    OK, so this one is a little bit off the stratosphere to me; so alien is the idea that healthy eating and living could not have an effect on everything about our overall health; including physical, emotional and overall wellbeing – but I shall try and address is nonetheless.
    First off I will try with an analogy: If I  were driving a petrol run car, and the tyre had a slow puncture in it; to me this is not a signal that I may as well start filling my car with diesel as the fuel I choose to use will have no overall effect on the performance of the car because the tyre is already starting to go – to fill it with diesel when it’s already struggling to run optimally would in fact seem a little nutty to me. Then add to this analogy the very real human factor that the body works as a complete system; then to fill my body with fuel that might detract it from working at the best level it could and attempt to repair any parts it was currently struggling with, would, in my world, seem an odd choice.
    We are fortunate that our bodies, unlike cars, do have the capacity to heal themselves; and even if they don’t get to a point where they fully heal (which I believe more often than not they can) – then at least supporting them with healthy food so that they’re not struggling to not get worse is a bit of an obvious one to me.
    To further compound this with an example – which granted may partially be where my convictions stem from: When I was 28, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Behcet’s. At the time I was told it was incurable, and at best I may be able to manage it with high dose steroids and drugs with dark pasts associated with them, such as Thalidomide. I chose to seek another way, and to cut a long story short, as long as I eat the foods I know work well for my body, and generally maintain an overall sense of wellbeing, I never experience any of the hideously debilitating symptoms I used to. If I start eating foods  that don’t suit me, or I go through prolonged periods of stress, then the symptoms come back. This is proof enough for me that fad diets and supplements work.

So you see,

my intention on this blog is to be enlightening, empowering, loving, sharing, kind, supportive, grateful…

– if you don’t feel able to share those things with me in return, that’s OK, we’re all different – but I would ask you to respect my intentions and understand that it’s by no means my intention to anger or criticise – so please refrain from doing so in return.

I may come back and add to this post as my experiences and findings unfold, or I may not – but for now, that is all :-)

With love,
Nadia xo

PS: My biggest reason for wanting to respond to this is for you, my sweet peeps, to know that if you’re out there doing something that’s generally deemed as “going against the tide” – and you’re remotely struggling with knowing your intentions are pure, but being criticised in the process; know this – stay true to you and all will be well. Find those that lift you up, not those that put you down, and hang out with them lots. You can count on me on that front :-)


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