Sunday Super Soothing Smoothie


Hello sweet peeps! How’s your weekend been? Though it’s not as miserable as the tail end of last week (thank goodness!) it’s definitely feeling decidedly autumnal isn’t it?!

This is a wonderfully comforting and soothing smoothie; it has great anti-inflammatory properties from the flax and turmeric, so perfect for toothaches, headaches, pms, or any other aches and pains… Plus it’s wonderfully warming, so great for the transitioning seasons too. Whatever your reasons for a bit of comfort in a cup; here’s the recipe…

It is:

  • 500 mls of water or almond milk (though maybe first read my article on shop bought ones);
  • A tablespoon of ground flax seeds;
  • A tablespoon of flaxseed oil;
  • A teaspoon of turmeric powder;
  • A teaspoon of mixed spice (or a pinch of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and any other favs);
  • A little fresh ginger;
  • A teaspoon of local, raw honey, if preferred (I didn’t use honey – but the turmeric isn’t to everyones taste, so try it and see).

Whizz in a high speed blender, cosy down with a blankie, and enjoy… xo


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