Easy Peasy 15 Minute Chocs…

A short and sweet (‘scuse the pun!) one from me today, with just a lil visual on what ingredients I’m playing around with to make my chocs at the mo…

Above is the “before” pic (ignore all the bits n bobs in the background!). It’s basically a base of coconut oil and Willies cacao melted for both choc flavours, then the melted chocolatey goo is halved, and then added to the left half is mixed spice, bee pollen, carob and a teeny bit of raw honey, whilst the right has lacuma fruit powder, a teeny bit of coconut nectar, coconut cream and vanilla powder…

~ and below the is the “after” pic ~ whilst in-between is just play! The whole thing takes around 15 mins – and the result is the yummiest coconutty creamy dreamy choc on the right, and the most perfect seasonal autumnal spicy deliciousness on the left… I usually have a favourite when I make two different flavours, but just can’t call it between these two! :-)

Have a super fab friday – and happy weekend creating sweet peeps… xo



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