Keep your head up, keep your heart strong… and aim true ♥

Even the most optimistic of us have bouncy days or weeks sometimes – I wrote about a recent bouncy time here – and in said post I mentioned I’d been to a yoga workshop held by Kathryn Budig.

So cool was this workshop, I wanted to share Kathryn’s concept of “aiming true” with you… It’s obviously my interpretation of what she said, and ultimately, if you get any opportunity to attend one of her workshops, I wholeheartedly recommend it so you can connect to the bits that resonate with you… But for now, here’s my take.

Kathryn was going through her own “bouncy time” (hmm… maybe I should re-phrase that…) – and during it, she was reminded of a very cool greek goddess called Artemis. Now, in short, Artemis basically rocks – she’s a lady who completely believes in herself ~ and this is her prayer:

Artemis, huntress of the moon, make my aim trueGive me goals to seek and the constant determination to achieve them.

Grant me communion with nature, allow me to live surrounded by plants and animals that I can grow, protect and nurture.

Allow me the strength and wisdom to be my own mistress, not defined by the expectations of others.

And sustain my sexuality to be as yours — wild and free as nature itself.

Although the whole prayer is pretty cool, the first and third bits are the bits that started Kathryn’s Aim True philosophy… she went on to explain how having goals to seek, and the constant determination is amazing, but the MOST important part of that, is first ensuring your aim is true; as if it isn’t, then whatever goal you’re seeking to achieve will always feel ‘off’.
I sooo connected to this; there have been so many times where I’ve tried to achieve something mostly based on a desire to please another person; not a true connection to said goal myself. So many times I heard the cliche that if you’re truly on your path, you’ll know – that it won’t feel like work and you’ll feel connected and alive to your “cause” ~ and for maybe the first time in my life, I feel like that writing this blog. I know that I am 100% on the right path my aim is true. Hence the shivers when Kathryn shared her thoughts on this – after last week it felt so good to reconnect to this truth.

The second ‘important’ bit around not being defined by others expectations is kinda intertwined into the first bit; as essentially it’s talking about staying connected to your truth ~ even in the face of adversity. The point here being that even when you’re on your path and aiming true, it doesn’t always mean the ride will be bump free – and this I can relate to too…
Just this afternoon I was a bit sad to see peeps criticising a fellow type 1 crusader; they were insinuating all sorts of things because they simply didn’t want to believe he was healing himself without using insulin.
Then I was reminded by the workshop again, and Kathryn’s experience of being heavily criticised for following her heart. What she reminded us of (and what I’ve experienced too) is that often the more you follow your heart and are happy, the more others will try to tell you you’re wrong ~ because what you’re doing or saying is in some way hitting up against something that they’re not happy with; so  you’re shaking their beliefs and making them uncomfortable…

Again, massive ability to relate on many levels; just one being that around 8 years ago I was diagnosed with an “incurable” auto-immune condition – and was seeking ways out of the place of despair I was in… I remember talking to a wonderfully kind Tai Chi teacher at the time who basically said if I wanted to get better, I should just do so. I remember the tears stinging in my eyes and the pain I felt in my heart that she just didn’t get it. But now I realise she very much got it – it was me who wasn’t getting it; the pain in my heart stemmed from how painful it was to accept I could alter my seemingly hopeless path. It took some time to get there, but I now have virtually no trace of the condition I first spoke with her about :-)

And back to the facebook criticisms I read today;

Kathryn reminded us that Artemis would never feel the need to defend herself; and we shouldn’t either – if we’re doing something we believe in…

If we feel the need to defend ourself, it’s only cos our insecurities are being hit; instead of expending energy on the defending bit, change directions and refocus that energy on connecting to what makes your heart beat and your aim true. Cool huh?

Then Kathryn shared yet another goose bump inducing sentence for me:

Every choice we make is based on love or fear.

~ and the even cooler part is, we have the choice to choose whether we choose fear ~ or love :-)

It can be said that that these bumps are little messages from The Universe, checking in that you’re sure the thing you’re doing makes your heart sing; I laughed at this, cos I honesty think the whole c-peptide lesson was to let me know it doesn’t matter what a doctor or test tells me; what matters is what *I* tell me :-)

I am learning more and more, that this self belief is just as important, if not more so, than the foods I’m eating and the exercise I’m taking, as without it I’ll always be reliant on external stuff to keep me well and happy. Yes, all that stuff can be aided by my external choices, but it really does all need to start from within. And, if ever we waiver, or doubt that path, remember; if you’re following what makes your heart beat and sing; it’s right…

If we stick to aiming true, we will always hit our mark; maybe not to the timescale we thought, but always.

~Kathryn Budig

And now I’ll uncross my legs out of the mental lotus seat I’ve been sat in writing this post… ;-)

…And pass Kathryn’s baton – or arrow – onto you; what does aiming true mean to you? Take a few moments to connect with it now; cos if you’re anything like me, if you don’t do it now, you won’t come back to it ~ no matter of your intentions to… here were mine:

  • Believing in myself;
  • Trusting myself;
  • Learning;
  • Healing;
  • Sharing my experiences, and the lessons I learn with others.

Remember it’s whatever makes your heart sing… not what you “think” you should do/be/say. If you’d like to share what aim true means to you in the comments on here or facebook, I’d love to hear them – but either way – *~*sparkly, happy connecting*~*, sweet peeps xo

PS, Today’s posts title was a nod to Ben Howard’s Keep Your Head Up; which is my go-to song which never fails to pick me up… if you need a little lift, I recommend playing it very, very loudly ~ and singing just as loudly…. :-)


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