Protein Powerhouse Smoothie

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Oooh, I was rather excited to find this in my local-ish health food store recently!

Now I know there’s been a bit of controversy out there recently about protein powders, but; Continue reading


Excellent Epsom Salt Baths!

Happy Sunday Sweet Peeps! Blimey, hope you’re keeping indoors…!

… Last week I ordered some epsom salts; I used to use them years ago, but had forgotten all about them until recently something reminded me of their wonders… So, being me, I read up on them a little to refresh my memory; here’s just a snippet of what I found:  Continue reading

Super Duper No Bake Spiced Truffles

Oh my goodness sweet peeps; I have missed thee!

I’ve just been through a three week cycle of laptop breaking -> waiting for replacement -> getting replacement -> spending a week getting it all set up -> finding out the replacement was going to break too -> getting another replacement -> spending another week getting it all set up**… and, finally, all being well and able to blog again – hoorah!

I have a few things to fill you in on but for now, it’s gotta be loooooonnnnngggg overdue something chocolatey, no?! ;-) Continue reading

Autumn Ayurvedic Awesomeness ~ Join Me For A Super Cleanse, Starts Monday!


Hello Sweet Peeps…. hope you’re having a fabulous day… it’s a full moon eclipse today; the perfect day for setting goals!

So, with that in mind, Just a quickie from me before the weekend starts to say I’m planning a cleanse for next week ~ autumn is setting in and we’re transitioning through the seasons… Ayurvedically, spring and autumn are perfect times of the year to cleanse our lymphatic systems, liver, and cells – and a perfect time to let go of all the gunk and junk, ready for the winter ahead…. and so thought you might like to join me… Continue reading

An open response to anyone who finds my posts make them angry…

“Putting your head above the parapet often means someone will take it as an opportunity to take a shot…”

…. said one of the very wise people I’ve had the fortune to meet along the way… I honestly can’t remember who, but I’m pretty sure they were fabulous :)

Hello Sweet Peeps,

I mentioned in a post and on my facebook page recently that I was sad to see a fellow Type 1 who’s experimenting with lifestyle choices being attacked for trying to spread the word about his experiences… he is somewhat more “well known” than I, so whilst I wondered if I might experience similar at some point down the line, I must confess I didn’t expect it to be so soon. In someways its complimentary as it means my musings, experimentations, research and findings are reaching many peeps already; so maybe The Universe was prepping me with my comrades postings ;-)

Anyway, last night I received the following:  Continue reading

Little Mountains, Big Lessons…

Hello my loves – gosh it feels like an age since we last caught up! My beloved MacBook crashed and burned last weekend – meaning it’s been a little bit tricky to blog since… however the good news is that I’ll be getting a shiny new replacement, hopefully this weekend… Continue reading