Beetroot, Fennel & Chilli ~ Autumn Salad

Just made this super duper delish salad!

To be honest with you, I’ve been a bit worried about how I’m going to “cope” going into winter raw, and kinda thought I might need to add in a lot more cooked foods…

Though, with my ever experimentation, I tried a cooked dinner last week; it was delicious and healthy and I know was made with love ~ which is why I was really sad that it made me feel pretty bloomin awful afterwards. My digestion  immediately decided to shut down straight after eating it, then I couldn’t sleep that night and had high blood sugars the following morning… which was pants.

Added to that, the following day I felt totally wiped out – scuse the pun – but the whole day was literally like wading through treacle. My joints and muscles ached too and I generally felt, well, awful.

I think today is the first day since that I’ve felt back to “normal”… which I initially thought “this really sucks – I only had a plate of dahl with a little rice n veggies for goodness sakes; this isn’t very cool at all!” – but then I thought:

“hang on a minute – this totally tells me how much my body is loving what I’m currently feeding it; this is a good thing!” :-)

I realised that the absolutely horrible feeling that I had the evening and day after said dinner (which, I would like to reiterate, really was yummy) was pretty much how I used to walk round feeling *all the time*!

So, the moral of the story is ~ if you’re diabetic, or a general Wellness Warrior, do test and measure where  you’re at… I’ve learnt that you never really know how your body’s going to respond to something till you try it ~ and ~ be grateful when you’re body tells you so very clearly what it works best on ;-)

Onto todays salad:

Generous handful of spinach;
Half an avocado (which, as will make sense to my facebook followers; also then ensuring the other half doesn’t get eaten by the cat!);
Half a beetroot, grated;
Half a fennel, grated;
Half a cucumber, diced (cucumber is definitely cooling, so you may want to omit this to make it more warming; I use it as, along with celery, it’s known to be great for the pancreas);
Two cherry tomatoes, quartered;
About half a finely chopped red chilli, or according to taste;
A teaspoon of your favourite mixed spices;
A splash of olive oil;
A splash of apple cider vinegar.

Put in a bowl and mush around with a spoon – or your hands! It makes the avocado “dress” all the rest of it, which makes it really creamy and comforting to eat. If you can manage to leave it for about half an hour or so then it will taste even better as all the flavours infuse with each other – though I’m sure it’ll be yummy straight away too if you can’t wait!

Although I will most likely have some cooked stuff still as we head into winter, it’ll probably only be soups and stews, and I’ll probably still keep the ration 80% raw, 20% cooked… but with this under my belt (plus more experiments will unfold I’m sure!) I’m pretty happy with that…

Enjoy, sweet peeps xo


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