How to find your calling (& free webinar with Lissa Rankin)

Find Your Calling

Before I go any further, I just want to let you know I’m not affiliated with Lissa, or her webinar in any way. In fact, now’s probably a good time to tell you that any books, online stuff, and other resources that I might tell you about are purely because I think they’re cool and people who “get it”. If I’m ever affiliated / set to make any sort of commission or other “reward” from anything I tell you about, I’ll let you know. Promise.

Righty, now we’ve gotten that out the way; I love Lissa Rankin – I think she’s cool as… some very cool beans; and what she’s aiming to do in the medical community is very long overdue. I also think she’s super empowering for anyone who’s intention is to heal themselves on pretty much any level. This chick I dig :)

She has a couple of Ted talks and a facebook page; and her book Mind Over Medicine(which I’m currently half way through) – google her and you’ll find all that and more if you want to know more about her… but the reason that I’m posting to you today is cos she’s doing a free webcast tomorrow specifically on finding your calling… and I’m pretty sure she’s found hers so knows what she speaketh of… ! She’s doing it with Martha Beck (who I know is also a cool lady) and Amy Ahlers (who I don’t know; but I’m sure is a cool lady too :)

Yesterday she posted her top ten tips on finding your calling on facebook; it’s a long post so go check her out if you want to read all ten, but these were my favourites (I guess cos they most resonated with me… and as she very rightly points out, finding our purpose is a very unique experience to each one of us).

Anyway, my fav’s from her top ten are:

“1. Trust that your calling is seeking you, every moment of every day.You’re like soulmates, searching for each other from the far reaches of the planet, and you will find each other. I promise. Guaranteed. Pinkie promise. So take a deep breath and release the anxiety that comes when you just know your life has purpose but you’re not yet sure what it is.

3. Consider the hardest struggle of your life and consider how you overcame it.

It was hard. It hurt. You felt lonely and ill-equipped to handle what you were forced to endure. But darling, this was your initiation. You survived. Now you can use what you learned to serve and help heal others who are struggling with what you’ve overcome. What is that struggle? Who could you help?

9. Pick a new “everybody.”

Stop caring what “everybody” thinks. Martha teaches us that most of us have a very short list when we worry what “everybody” will think. It’s probably Mom, your pastor, your boss, or Great Aunt Gertrude who loves to tsk-tsk everything she hears on the radio and always insists that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Instead, pick a new “everybody” and seek their counsel. Your new everybody doesn’t have to include even living people! Feel free to choose Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, Gandhi, me, or Martha (we’ve got your back.) When you worry what “everybody” thinks, let go of Great Aunt Gertrude and replace her with your new council. Close your eyes and listen to what we would tell you. Trust that instead.”

Didn’t I tell you she was cool? :)

Anyway, that’s enough bigging her up from me; if you are interested in her webcast; it’s tomorrow (as in Tuesday the 10th Sept) at *I think* 8pm UK time… double check that bit though as I do get very confused with US to UK timezones! If you’re in the US; its at 12pm PT and 3pm ET – whatever that means ;)) Oh, and heres the link to register:

What better way to start your week than to set an intention to find your purpose in life, hey sweet peeps?! Happy Monday! xo


3 thoughts on “How to find your calling (& free webinar with Lissa Rankin)

  1. I think she’s cool too! Definitely shining her light as bright as possible! Her book has really allowed me to open up and look at so much more in my life. I found her meditation excellent ( available on her website for free) it’s so easy to follow even if you find meditating difficult.x P.s.I have no affiliation with Lissa either!

    • Ah, how cool – and I didn’t know she had a meditation on her website – I’ll definitely check it out – thank you! She is amazing… so brave to take the steps she has from the background she’s from… I tell every doctor I meet about her, in the hope they will be inspired to become even a little bit like her… imagine how cool that would be?! :) xo

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