Why I love where I live…


Hello my loves…

It’s a beautiful day today; summer is nearing it’s end and I’m happily absorbing every last drop. In fact, I am a little bit obsessed with catching every last ray – so much so that today I discovered I can climb out of the skylight in my cottage and onto my roof! My gorgeous garden is so Photo on 05-09-2013 at 14.14leafy at the moment that it’s tricky to catch the sun in there… and what’s funny is my wifi works better on my roof than it does in my garden, meaning I can stream radio whilst I’m up here; so I’m literally writing this to you singing from the rooftops!! ;-)

And there are no trees overshadowing the sunlight up here either: guess where I’m spending any remaining sunny days in September… !

I’m also feeling much love and gratitude for where I live; those who follow me on facebook (and if you don’t already; do – I  post all sorts of other little titbits on there that I don’t always write about here; plus it would be lovely to see you :) will know that I’m am a little bit in love with where I live… I live in the sweetest little chocolate box cottage, in a sleepy little town on the borders of England & Wales. I moved here about 9 months ago; and I know some friends were worried it might be a move that I regret as I was moving from one of the liveliest cities in the UK… and to be honest, there were a few concerned I might feel cut off from things too; but nothing could be further from the truth. I am more content here than I have been in years; in part this is probably because I was having blood sugar / diabetes related “stuff” going on that I didn’t know about at the time – and of course my blood sugars are now much more balanced than they were then, so it makes sense that I would feel more balanced too – but I also honestly believe that my new home has done me the world of good too.

So todays blog is dedicated solely to being grateful for my lovely home – here’s a few things I love:

  • That there is almost no traffic here; I never get caught in traffic and there’s hardly any traffic noise in the background.
  • That there are two absolutely fantastic farmers/local country markets here, a little one every week and a bigger one every fortnight. All the veggies at both these markets are organic and locally grown; the weekly one I know all the produce was picked the day before – and will have had almost zero air miles. The veggies taste completely different from anything in the supermarket – plus, because it is all local, it means I’m eating in synch with the seasons. If all that wasn’t enough in itself to be grateful for, it’s also way cheaper than supermarket produce… pictured below is what I got today. Going to the market on a Thursday literally fills me with joy :)
  • That every Sunday morning I’m woken by church bells; there’s something very soothing & lovely about it.
  • That I have amazing, beautiful countryside literally right on my doorstep. On my walk along the river this morning I saw around photo-65twenty ducks, all happily quacking, twelve swans looking beautiful and graceful, as swans always do – and a heron – poised in the hope I wouldn’t spot him ;) …these small things make me feel lucky and happy to witness – and as I mentioned a previous post, connected to “me”. And whilst I do adore the sunshine, even in the thick of winter it’s still exceptionally pretty here. This will be my first autumn here and I’m looking forward to watching the countryside around me take a new pretty turn.
  • That I get to see my mum more often as I live closer to her now ♥
  • photo-64Because I’m in the countryside, there are all sorts of lovely things growing in nature; I’ve recently discovered there are *masses* of blackberry bushes all along the river; and of course they’re all essentially “organic” as there’s no traffic or people with sprays to pollute them. I’m going to try and make a berry and coconut vegan cheesecake with these; of course a recipe will follow ;-)
  • That all the local old folk (of which there are many!) spoil me and make a fuss over me as they think I’m super young… it’s very sweet :))
  • That in the summer I have a lovely little garden to enjoy the sunshine (and newly discovered “roof terrace”!), and in the winter i’ve a gorgeous wood burning stove; perfect for cosy nights…. it helps give winter a silver lining :)

So, all in all, I feel very lucky :)

The sunshine has gone in for the evening now, but it’s still a lovely summers evening; so enjoy my sweetpeas… xo


4 thoughts on “Why I love where I live…

  1. You are really shinning your light and long may it shine! I feel very similar where I live so I totally understand your sentiments. X

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