Start here…

Hello! Welcome! So lovely to see you…

Just a couple o’ things that you may be wondering about (and probably some legal “bumph” I should say too).

I’ve started this site as I have read and researched a *tremendous* amount of stuff around diabetes, blood sugars and generally how to get super healthy and shine like the superstar that you (and I) are… because of this I wanted to share with you my developments and findings…

According to my endocrinologist consultant, I should be on insulin by now – and also according to him, it’s “simply a matter of time; probably 6 months maximum” before I will be; cheery, no? {edit: it took 18 months: read more about that here… tripling my time off insulin was still pretty groove some to me…} You see I was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2013 – but because it was originally assumed it was Type 2 diabetes, I already knew that it was possible to “reverse” from previously being interested in health (basically I’ve been a bit of a health sponge since around 2008… and have been absorbing and expanding knowledge since; there’s a whole lotta stuff crammed in up in my poor grey cells!)

Anyhoo, so cos I thought it was Type 2, off I went and read and researched and tweaked my diet and read and tweaked… and my blood sugars came down, but not as much as I would have expected… during this time I was referred to an endocrinologist and more tests were carried out – and basically, to cut a long story short, it turned out my GAD antibodies (which if elevated, confirmed a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, as Type 2’s levels would be normal) in my pancreas were over 1,600 – and they should have been below 5. Whoops.

At this point my endocrinologist said we may as well start me on insulin…

Whoa there buddy! We may as well what?!

I mean; don’t get me wrong; I know insulin saves lives and the importance of it can be crucial – but my blood sugar levels had come down from a starting point of somewhere in the 20’s (350ish if you’re reading this in the US) to around the mid 6’s (120ish for my lovely US friends).

How about we try something c-r-a-z-y and see what I can maintain through diet first?

Suffice to say, my consultant (bless him; I do actually like him rather a lot; even if he does make me feel like I’m defending myself in court each time I go to see him) now thinks I’m quite mad.

Ho hum… and that’s how me and you ended up meeting :-)

In between then and now I’ve tried high protein, low protein, low carb, high fat, juice fasting, vegan, raw – and probably variants in-between. I’m still experimenting… and I’ll get round to writing out some of my experiences, plus the pros and cons of each, that I’ve discovered thus far.

It’s sometimes a frustrating journey – but one I’m glad to be on… and I’m glad you’re sharing it with me too.

That’s all for now ~ be well, my sweet peep,
Nadia xo

PS – oops – forgot to say any legal/important stuff: the vlogs, writings and general musings in this blog are for information purposes only; at no point am I recommending that you follow what I’ve tried, or go against your doctors recommendations – it’s all just musings based on my personal experiences that I’m sharing with you… n’ all that jazz…


6 thoughts on “Start here…

  1. Hi there, great blog. Are your levels normal now? Did you start the insulin or no? What are the best things you found to bring sugar down? I just got diagnosed and my levels are high. I am 14, and also just started HGH but after I was diagnosed with type 1. I want off insulin, but don’t know what to do. I had Lyme, but that is gone from energy healing. Having a difficult time with diabetes tho.

    • Hi there, First off, it’s really cool that you’re looking into different options to keep yourself as healthy as possible at such a young age; that’s really amazing! :-)

      Secondly, although we both have type 1, I’m guessing you’ll have been diagnosed with ‘juvenile diabetes’ where as its thought I have ‘late onset’… Which basically means that as I’m older, it’s considered that it can sometimes be slower progressing and that I’m in what’s known as ‘the honeymoon’ period – and I’m using that window to keep myself off insulin for as long as possible. It’s important that you know that insulin isn’t the enemy though; and that the honeymoon period may not apply to you.

      Most importantly, know that I am not suggesting you stop taking insulin without medical advice – but if you would like me to offer any more insights into my own personal experiences, please do feel free to mail me privately at: :)
      Nadia xo

  2. You are doing a disservice to diabetics. Type 1 diabetes is NOT that the body cannot “metabolize sugar” (your words on your “about” page) it’s an autoimmune disease whereby the immune system destroys the insulin-producing part of the pancreas. Please stop spreading misinformation. Please stop demonizing insulin. Even if you are Type 1, which I doubt, you probably have 1.5 – – it’s terrible to send the message that type 1s need to avoid taking insulin, that it’s something to be feared, or worse, that fad diets or supplements can reduce or eliminate it.

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