How do you connect to your heart…?


As I touched upon in a previous post, I am working with a coach at the moment (who is one of the most patient and insightful peeps I’ve met in a long time – and who I will post about, and my experiences with coaching, in a separate post all-together – once I’ve sought his permission too :)  anyhoo –  he’s highlighting to me how bloomin’ important it is to connect to what you “know”… Be that what you perceive to be connecting to your heart, your inner truth, your intuition, your higher self – or The Universe/God/Mother Earth, is somewhat unimportant – the important thing is *connecting* to it.

For what it’s worth, I believe it’s a combination of the above – and for various reasons, and to varying degrees, I’ve lost that connection to myself… I have moments where I am in that “place” – but it’s sometimes tricky to make that stick and stop my head from muscling in on things!

Sooo, I’m currently working on cultivating that connection again and have been contemplating what connects (and disconnects) me from those things….

Definitely one of the biggest disconnectors for me is the types of food I’m eating; and the cleaner my diet has gotten, the more I am having to face some buried “stuff”. Not that that this is a bad thing, cos clearing out the old makes way for the new!

So I thought I’d share with you what are (re)connectors for me; and would love to hear what things are for you… some of mine include:

  • Hanging out with good friends
  • Connecting with nature through walks (I’m fortunate enough to live in beeeutiful countryside surroundings)
  • Family time
  • Regular yoga practice
  • Meditation – though I’m rubbish at doing this regularly on my own; which is why I particularly love hanging out with the lovely Hare Krishna’s and practicing Kirtan
  • Belly laughing
  • Maintaing a clean and tidy living space – I’m not talking OCD levels, but the more messy my home is, the more muddled my mind feels
  • Listening to music

The last one is something I was really surprised at how big it was for me; I *love* music, and only recently realised I’d completely stopped listening to music at home; so am on a mission to add some new tunes to my collection… this weekend I discovered Benjamin Francis Leftwich… how fab is he?! If you’ve any music suggestions to share with me, please do!

Re-connecting with all this stuff isn’t necessarily straightforward; I’m learning that connecting with my heart means connecting with some stuff I know my heart is desiring that is not yet reached… but I’m also remembering how connecting with it makes my heart sing… Its a good feeling ♥

So c’mon, spill the beans; what makes your heart happy?! And don’t forget to help me out on the music front too :-)
Post in the comments box below! xo


2 thoughts on “How do you connect to your heart…?

  1. I am also on my path back to wellville and would like to tell you about “celebrating my life”. This I learnt about last week when I experienced Tibetan breathing with David Sye for the first time. It was an incredible experience and one of the prayers I came away with was each day taking time out to celebrate my life as if it was the last.. It does not matter how small the celebration, just taking the time has allowed me to realize just how special I am. One day I stood and smelt a rose,another I took time out to sit in my bliss swing chair and breathe,and on my journey home after the session I came across some lovely pink Moleskin notebooks which I decide to buy to write down my celebrations in. Celebrating helps me to remember to connect with myself and allows my creativity to shine through.A x

    • Hi Andree; ah how lovely to hear of other peeps experiences! Plus you’re my first “comment” ~ thank you! :-)
      It is the little things isn’t it… I know it’s a massive cliche, but the best things in life really are free; and it is about stopping to sniff the roses ~ and with that I managed two cliches in one sentence! ;-)
      Lovely to meet you on the road to Wellville – great to be on the same path,
      Nadia xo

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