Chocolate & Coconut Cheesecake Recipe!

Ola Sweet Peeps; I’m on my way to London Town so writing this on the little iPhone ap thingy – I’ve not used it before so if anything is a little ‘quirky’ in my posts this weekend, that’ll be why ;-)

Anyhoo, onto the important stuff – how I made this absolute delight of a cheesecake! Not to go all ‘David Wolfe’ on you; but it was the best cheesecake ever! Continue reading


What I eat, and why…


Ok, so, so far I haven’t really gone into any great detail on the specifics of what I eat – and more importantly why. Quite frankly, that’s because it’s a friggin vast topic; virtually every choice has a counter choice, and simply put, is not a topic I could ever possibly cover in one post.

However, I’m starting to get emails and so on asking me for a bit more info on this ~ which, as this blog is primarily to share with you what I’ve learnt thus far, then I thought I best make a start… Continue reading

Happy Autumn Equinox Sweet Peeps!

I am spending the day with lovely friends, getting outdoors, eating good food and planning to light a fire in the wood-burner later… perfect.
Try and get outdoors on this lovely day as we shift seasons; I’m excited for what the next one will bring n’ hope you are too :) xo

What is love… ?

Healing Heart

So, I’ve been going to some talks lately at the Hare Krishna centre near me ~ if you’ve not ever crossed paths with a Hare Krishna then you might know some of their famous followers; George Harrison, Steve Jobs and Russell Brand being amongst them. I wouldn’t class myself as a devotee; but of all the religions that have thus far crossed my path, it’s the one I’ve been the most drawn to… Continue reading

Super Seasonal Salad

As many of you know  (cos I might have mentioned once or twice before how much I love it!) I regularly go to country market about ten minutes walk from my home, where local growers sell their organic produce each week. I love it because its community building, fresher than anything you’d buy elsewhere, very locally sourced and… well, delicious!

It also means, as almost all the veggies I buy are from there, I am eating with the seasons; which is kinda cool. So, this salad is made *entirely* from the veggies I bought at the last one… Continue reading