Today I am grateful for…

As part of my journey to wellness, I am connecting more and more with the importance of understanding how much emotional wellness affects our overall wellness; I’ve known this for some time but the message is becoming clearer and louder of late… Anyway, because of this I want to regularly connect with all I am grateful for…

I won’t say I’ll do this every day – cos life (or at least, mine!) doesn’t work like that… But regularly.

And so, today I am grateful for… The sunshine, finding wild berries in abundance, the surroundings, freedom, time and healthy body to go for a walk, the space and clarity to connect with creating this blog and webspace, the amazing fact that and Facebook/mysweetlife were available (!), the World Wide Web to easily find out how to get them up and running, the technical know how to figure it all out, the amazing support through coaching (which I will blog about separately) I’m currently receiving which helped juj me into action (coaching works, who knew ; ), plenty of tea & cacao to keep me going through my creative whizz… And not hitting my head on this enormous spiders web that Mr Spider has decided to build directly outside my patio doors…!

I could write much, much more… But after a super creative day, I am also super grateful for my bed :-)

Sleep well, sweet peeps xo


2 thoughts on “Today I am grateful for…

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