Who say’s salads are boring?!


I have a friend coming to stay tonight, so I wanted to make us one of my favourite salads (I say that; I go through phases, depending what my body tells me it wants…! But this is one of my *current* favourites).

I’ve never quite understood why some peeps think eating a salad is boring – I get that a bit of limp cos lettuce with a soggy few slices of cucumber might be, but there’s soooo more much you can put in them / experiment with! As always (with most, straight forward, raw food) it’s easy peasy to make; and is:

Half a white cabbage, sliced into strips
About two smallish courgettes (zucchini) finely grated
About 8 cherry tomatoes
A small red onion, finely diced
Half an avocado, chopped into smallish pieces (you’re going to mash it through the salad)
Juice of 1 lime
Some nori sprinkles to taste/preference
Some chilli oil, to taste/preference

Basically I just put the whole lot in a big bowl, stick my hands in, and mix it all up! Doing this means the avocado mixes with the lime juice and chilli oil to create a sort of dressing, plus makes sure it all gets a covering of said dressing. Plus is massages the cabbage a bit, making it absorb and soften a little… I tend to make this a good half a day before I intend to eat it, as it gets better the longer it’s left!

Though I did just taste a little – well I had to make sure it tasted good for later! It did ;)

Variations I’ve made of this are; adding sun-dried tomatoes or making a tahini dressing (basically just a couple of teaspoons of tahini with lemon juice) instead of putting in the avocado and chilli oil, plus using pumpkin seeds to dress, rather than nori sprinkles… so far, all options/variations I’ve tried have been yummy, but I bet there’s a heap more you could experiment with… Let me know if you do & enjoy my sweet peeps!


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