Today I am grateful for…

As part of my journey to wellness, I am connecting more and more with the importance of understanding how much emotional wellness affects our overall wellness; I’ve known this for some time but the message is becoming clearer and louder of late… Anyway, because of this I want to regularly connect with all I am grateful for…

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Chocolate & Berry Smoothie

Chocolate & Berry Smoothie

Today I went for a walk… and found lots and lots of blackberries! Berries in general are low in sugar so shouldn’t affect your blood sugars too much (though I had to go steady on them for the first couple of months – only just reintroducing them).

Anyhoo, this smoothie was with 350mls almond milk (I use blue diamond unsweetened), a generous handful of berries, two tablespoons of desiccated coconut, about a tablespoon of coconut butter (I use this one – fats are known to slow the release of any carbs/sugars into your system), a teaspoon of cinnamon (also good for blood sugars), and a tablespoon of raw cacao powder… and it was yummmmy! :-)

Who say’s salads are boring?!


I have a friend coming to stay tonight, so I wanted to make us one of my favourite salads (I say that; I go through phases, depending what my body tells me it wants…! But this is one of my *current* favourites).

I’ve never quite understood why some peeps think eating a salad is boring – I get that a bit of limp cos lettuce with a soggy few slices of cucumber might be, but there’s soooo more much you can put in them / experiment with! As always (with most, straight forward, raw food) it’s easy peasy to make; and is:

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