Well… I have some NEWS!

It’s been months and months since I last blogged (not since my diaversary in February to be exact) – and what a time its been!

…. It was mostly spent moving, GETTING MARRIED, honeymooning, honeymooning some more – moving again…. and GETTING PREGNANT!!

{{Insert MUCH squealing here}}


…. So I’ve SO MUCH to share and update y’all with – and I plan to be back on this more with more… I’m thinking of a lil blog re-vamp too – it seems like such a long time ago that I started this blog…. but then it’s also kinda nice to have the whole “journey” here too. We’ll see :-)

But for now, the most bloody exciting part is THE BABY.

(sorry for all the use of capitals btw – it’s all just so exciting; bold and caps are my go-to right now)

I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant (or nearly 4 months for those who don’t use the confusing pregnancy counting lingo) – and for *anyone* who has juggled pregnancy with type 1, you’ll know there is a whole heap of new learning to do. I’ll share more on that along the way – for now I just want to share the happy bit. And it is so bloody happy.

For me, being utterly clueless about what pregnancy brings and when, I was super keen to read up on what’s “normal”. I quickly learnt that normal varies for everyone, but it’s still nice to have an idea – so here’s a super brief synopsis of my symptoms by week so far:

4, 5 & 6 – SO tired I thought I must have something dreadfully wrong with me. And the sorest boobs I’ve ever known.

7, 8, 9 – Morning sickness kicked in literally as week 7 started. I thought I’d gotten away with it – but alas no. However I do think, comparatively, I got away lightly…. I was never actually sick – just a feeling of major queasiness. Some people say that being sick is better as they would barf and get on with their day – but the thought of giving myself insulin for my food, then throwing it all back up before it had digested was about as appealing as running in front of oncoming traffic – so I was happy to take the nausea. And I can confirm it’s absolutely true that it isn’t restricted to the morning. Oh, and I also developed a nose “like a bloodhound” around now too. Literally everything smelt unpleasant. Nice!

10, 11, 12 – The queasiness definitely dissipated – I thought it had gone altogether – but it did keep deciding to pop back to say hello every so often. However around this time I started to feel really good – and thought I’d hit the 2nd trimester “honeymoon”. Woo hoo!

13 & 14 – Alas the tiredness seems to have kicked back in with a vengeance. To be fair there is *a lot* going on…. my mum has been in and out of hospital – which is obviously not so great. Plus each time I visit the hospital, I seem to be picking up bugs – which means I’ve had a mouth full of ulcers, sore throat and sniffles for the past few weeks too. Bleagh.

Plus we’re moving – yes, again! – in ten days…. to a gorgeous place with more space for Bubs – but with that comes the actual moving part. Ugh.
…. Annnnnd my CGM isn’t working so well…. I may get into this on a separate post, but basically its not tracking great – which means that its not ever-so reliable. When you add to that mix blood sugars that are insanely erratic at the mo (2.8 suddenly seems to be ‘not that low’ it’s such a frequent visitor to my meter), plus no hypo awareness, then it makes everything from mealtimes to driving to just nipping to the shops a bit of a lottery. Oh, and between my pump buzzing at me cos I’ve set my blood sugars alerts super tight, and the hypo’s, I keep getting woken up every couple of hours through the night…. Which some might say is great practice for when baby is here…

(tip – don’t say this to my face – I’m tired, a little stressed out, and hormonal – therefore cannot be responsible for how I may respond).

From about week 7 my blood sugars also started dropping quite dramatically – as did my insulin to carb ratio…. I’m currently 1:20 for dinner – and quite often need 20/30g “snacks” to keep my blood sugars up – all of which is quite BONKERS.


…. I am expecting that to start swinging the other way soon as second and third trimester insulin resistance kicks in…. I don’t really know when this might start – some say it can be from week 14, others seem to be not very affected till week 24… either way, as someone who has a fear of insulin in general (or, more specifically – a massive fear of hypos – thus I’ve always tried to keep my insulin doses as low as possible as less insulin means less room for margin of error = less severe hypos), then I’m really *not* looking forward to that bit. I keep hearing insulin needs are likely to triple – and lots of people say their insulin to carb ratio can become as high as 1:3.

(I’ve actually heard even worse than that – but even the thought of typing out I could need to dose 20 units in one hit for a lowly 20g carb meal makes me feel I may start hyperventilating – so we’ll not go there just yet…)

But in spite of the above;

I am *loving* being pregnant. I really, truly am.

If it weren’t for the t1 I’m pretty sure I could be one of those women who get a bit addicted to being pregnant. I love that my body is changing, I love my little bump, I love that I know there’s a small person growing inside me… I love sharing it all with my gorgeous husband…. I love every bit.

Apart from the D.

But I guess it brings balance – and hey – I would probably be excruciating without the flip-side! :-)

I’ve LOADS more to chat to you about on this new t1 Mama journey – so I’m hoping once this move is done I’ll get more into the swing of things on here and update you more often…

So till then,
With love from Bump & Me xx


Pye in the oven! :)


Moving in more ways than one…

Well hello!


We’ve moved – huzzah! Our new home is beeeeuitiful – we’re in a converted barn, on top of a hill, with the most glorious views of rolling hills surrounding us at every angle…. And I’m so happy that we’re in and it’s where our baby boy* will have his first home.

*Wait – did I tell you we’re having a boy yet??

We’re having a BOY!! 🎉

And with one kind of move, comes another… I’m *pretty* sure I’m starting to feel the lil guy moving…. it’s hard to say for certain as, being a first time mum, I don’t *really* know what I should expect to feel at this point – but I’m definitely feeling “something” going on in there – and I’m guessing it’s not just gas! ;-)

I’m now almost 18 weeks, and today we went for a Uterine Artery Doppler Scan – for anyone who doesn’t know what this is (I totally didn’t) – it’s a scan to check my blood flow in and out of Bub’s nest – AKA my womb. One of the many “higher risks” with being Type 1 diabetic, is that sometimes blood flow can be restricted – causing issues with the placenta and sometimes babies growth. And as with every piece of information I learn about along these lines; as the scan date got closer, I got more nervous.… I didn’t really have any reason to be a-worrying (well, apart from actually being T1 of course) – but still I did.

Well – turns out I didn’t need to at all – the very lovely midwife got very enthusiastic about my artery flow and kept on saying how ‘beautiful’ it was – hey; it’s the first time my blood flow has been described that way, but it was also one of the loveliest compliments to hear!

Whilst it definitely doesn’t eliminate my risk for other delights that may crop up down the line, like pre-eclampsia, it does reduce it. Which when you are classed as a “high risk” pregnancy, are sweet words indeed.

We also got to see our boy – which was a huge treat as I wasn’t actually expecting to see him today – I thought we would just be looking at my fabulously flowing arteries… but said lovely midwife declared that “of course we’ll have a quick check in on him too” – and there he was! Looking all amazing and just like a baby boy! He’s grown so much since we saw him (which was only 6 weeks ago; so incredible how different he was) – and we could see all his fingers and all his bones and his nose and – well it was just bloody lovely. 

I don’t know why but I’m always somewhat taken aback when I see he’s actually, really in there. But he actually, really is.

And today I fell a whole lot more in love with him 💙

Will write again soon…
Nadia & Bump x



Funny Pancreas

… February 15th marks 3 years since my diagnosis…. it’s a funny old date to know whether to mark; partially because whaddaya say/do?

YAY; my pancreas has stopped working!

Doesn’t really sound like something to shout all that much about…. but equally, ignoring a day that totally changed my life seems a bit lame too.

I was thinking about the journey of those three years – how it almost certainly started way before then – how grateful I am for my insulin pump now… and the many, many bits in-between.

Then I was thinking about Jen Grieves (aka SuperStarLady) recent post; how it’s such a tricky balance between not wanting to bang on about how much type one diabetes is – actually – a pretty big deal… but y’know; there’s no escaping it – it is.
And it is why the type 1 diabetes community turn towards each other so much; because no matter how much you love or care or want to understand how living with t1 is; I don’t think, unless you actually have to live with it, the extent of the constant effort that goes into keeping ourselves alive can be understood. Which is both completely understandable and completely crap.

{ironically my pump just alerted me I’m heading for a low; so now have to stop, wash my hands, prick my finger and wait for a number to tell me whether to have something sugary; before I can type any more of this post.}

— I’m back. All good.

…. though its a timely reminder of the bit I’m not sure can be “got”.
That if I didn’t actually stop right then and go and check, and do something based on what the little number says, then I could die. If I thought “bugger this, I’m right in the middle of writing, my blood sugar can wait” then the potential consequences are pretty grim; whichever way you decide to manage your sugar levels.
I run mine as closely as possible to those without a defunct pancreas because I would like to keep my limbs down the line (I have a particular fondness of them all) — which means lows are my biggest worry. Some people would prefer to run them higher so they don’t have the day-to-day balancing act that comes with that… and sometimes I get the appeal of that – but then I’d have the longer term worries that I know would replace my more immediate ones; and as they’re of the death and blindness and limb losing variety, I “choose” the constant awareness and monitoring and balancing route… but it is pretty constant; which is where the “crap” part comes in.

As I mentioned above, I love the pump – but somehow I may have given the false impression it does everything… I’m not sure how that happened: perhaps because I was SO elated when I got it that people thought it was more bad-ass than it is? I mean it is pretty bad-ass; but I still have to guess work out how much insulin to give myself, often based on looking at a plate and trying to work out what my hormones might be up to that day – and given that all can be *very* variable – so the reams and reams of other things to think about that goes along with t1 and insulin doesn’t go away…


…. I’m fairly sure friends and loved ones wonder at times, why I’m a little “skitty” – and don’t always remember to do things or don’t seem to be paying full attention… I can only imagine a comparable scenario would be akin to looking after a baby – who, even when they’re all settled down and sleeping, needs to be thought about and checked in on – and whom if you don’t make sure you pay proper attention to, is, in this theoretical comparison, liable to kill you.

{I do hope your actual baby wouldn’t be liable to kill you; cos then we’ve a real tricky predicament on our hands}

To clarify, having not had children yet, I can only guess its the same nagging worry you might have over not accidentally doing something terrible that might harm your baby; which sometimes is more in the background, and sometimes is more terrifyingly very much in the foreground – but it is always there – and with that comes the frustration of sometimes not knowing what the frig is wrong with them; why won’t they just settle down?!

— and when there is something obviously constant, like a little one, then we are okay with making allowances for our lovely friends… We know their brains are full with trying to keep a small person alive. I guess as t1’s we sometimes don’t feel we get the same slack given to us; which is mostly okay too; but is also just a bit “meh” sometimes.

Jen sums it up well throughout said post; but this paragraph probably best covers it:

We as a bunch who share the commonality of a defunct pancreas are powerful, and vocal, and ALIVE, thanks to our own hourly efforts. We don’t get congratulated for those efforts – nor am I asking for that. We don’t wear our pumps on our foreheads, or hold our injections aloft for the world to see like a badge of honour. Mostly because it would just really make your arm ache. We don’t receive too much concern over our plight, aside from those who love us enough and are patient enough to choose to share the plight with us.

This is, for the most part, a silent battle. A battle we weren’t told we were entering until we were suddenly fighting every day to save our own lives.

A battle that doesn’t ever end, and one in which the parameters, tactics and ‘correct’ choices are constantly changing. You know, just to keep things interesting.

None of the above means that three years in, its all doom & gloom; far from it. The sun is starting to come out to play again, and I’m going to marry my most wonderful man in just under three months (YAY!) – and my last HbA1c was my best for yonks / frikkin’ amazeballs (even if I do say so myself) — I guess though, on a day you’re pondering how life threw you a massive curveball, its good to reflect on the whole shebang.

Would I change my life as it is right now? Hell no.

Would I send my pancreas a text back if I could? Hell yes.

And it would say – I love you. We were so good together. I can live without you: but it sucks. If you’re listening, please come back.

Putting it all into perspective: hypo’s, yoga – and time…

Kathryn Budig - Aim True

I’m typing this after a day in London where I went to Kathryn Budig’s workshop at Tri Yoga in Soho…. And I’m not gonna lie – my body is super, super achy today… but it’s that good kind of achy – that “damn I worked hard” achy – and it feels especially good cos my body was able to work that hard….  Continue reading

Just A Quickie: JDRF Discovery Day – in Cardiff; Tomorrow!

Super quick one from me to say that JDRF UK are hosting a Discovery Day in Cardiff tomorrow. They do *lots* of research around type 1 diabetes – and are right behind the (hopefully imminent release of) the artificial pancreas – amongst other amazing and exciting things….

It’s not too late to attend; and is completely free! Register here; and maybe see you there! :-)

Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter Balls – 5g Carb Per Ball!

Balls 1

Low Carb Chocolate & Peanut Butter Balls


Okay…. I can’t remotely take credit for these cos a) I was told about them by my darling friend Jane, and b) they were an adapted version of the recipe she found by Kate’s Healthy Cupboard, which you can find here – which she then passed onto me.

…. but oh my, what divine balls of yumminess they are…! Continue reading

One for the ladies: what they don’t tell us about periods, blood sugars, and type 1 diabetes…

… well, at least understand them – for better blood sugar balancing :-)

Yep – I’m writing a blog post on periods.

… with good reason – promise. You see, I noticed a pattern in my monthly cycle before I went on insulin, and there’s an even stronger pattern now I’m on insulin – and I don’t quite know why us girlies aren’t told about this when we’re handed the insulin in the first place.

For some women, I know it literally takes *years* to figure out the connection – and for others, well, they think they can spot a patten – but ask their DSN/Endo/Helpful Diabetes Specialist – only to be told they’ve never heard of a connection between menstruation and blood sugars.

Not confusing for peeps at all. It’s not like we’re already trying to juggle a mathematical feat worthy of Einstein each time we inject insulin anyway; knowing there’s (for many women) a monthly pattern wouldn’t be helpful to know in advance at all…. {sarcastic, moi?}.

Continue reading

Healthy-ish ;-) Peanut Putter & Chocolate Chip Cookies – Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan

Salted Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies - Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Low(ish) Carb

Hello SP’s… Gosh, it’s been a bouncy ol’ time since I started insulin nearly three months ago – my head is literally bursting with the information I keep on finding out; all of which hasn’t quite made it to my blog, but most of which I share on my facebook page – so if you’re interesting in all the type 1 diabetes and insulin related stuff, come follow me there :-)

The good news is that I *think* I’m finding some balance with it all – and whilst my head is whirring from all the reading, still one of my favourite ways to relax and switch off the whizzing brain is to hop over to the right side and get creative in the kitchen! This is my latest experiment… Continue reading