He’s Here!

Those of you that follow my Facebook page will know that I posted a week or so back to say that Baby Boy had arrived!

… two weeks ago today; we welcomed to the world Noah Jupiter Pye — and what an incredible welcome it was!



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Calcium & Pregnancy

Just a quickie from me because I’ve been reading up on calcium again this morning, and came across this:

Cochrane Study On Calcium and Pre-Eclampsia

… and as I mostly don’t eat dairy (occasional goats cheese but even that is generally sporadic), I found this article interesting.

I do know calcium can be consumed in other forms aside from dairy – like soya, pulses, nuts and greens – but I hardly eat soya / tofu (it doesn’t agree with me) – and whilst I love the others, I don’t think I eat enough to cover off calcium needs during pregnancy.

So this is the supplement I’ve been taking:

Lifestream Organic Natural Calcium

The other interesting thing I’ve found whilst taking this, is that if I forget to take it, even for one day, then I’ll get horrible leg cramps (charley horses) at night… which kinda suggests that even if it doesn’t help with the dreaded “Pre-E”, then my body still really needs it… I also sleep better when I take it – which given the third trimester insomnia is another Billy Bonus!

.. So just thought I’d share whilst I thought of it! :-)

Nadia and The Calcium Fuelled Bump! x

P.S. Six weeks-ish today till we meet Bubs! Eeeeep! 🌟

Happy, happy, happy, happy!

Oh happy day!

So, I’m approaching 26 weeks and had my first check-up with my consultant today; I’d not seen her since early December – and between then and now I had lots I was keen to find out/discuss.

First off I was starting to feel a bit concerned that my boy might be big… ‘big babies’ (and aaaalllllllll the associated complications that can come with them) are mentioned at *every* twist and turn of a type 1 pregnancy, plus people have regularly commented how big my bump is… being a first time mum I have nothing to compare it to; so a little bit of worry that my little boy perhaps wasn’t so little was loitering around in my head for sure.  Continue reading

24 weeks!

Hello Loves,

Well I thought it was about time I wrote a lil blog post, as I’m now nearly 6 months into this pregnancy – gosh, time is flying!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year? My Christmas was at home and quiet (I think I’m already nesting :) but lovely… New Year’s was a road trip to Scotland to stay in a gypsy caravan; also lovely – and this will make you laugh: as the clock struck midnight I was literally chewing on glucose tablets with a blood sugar of 2.8: Hypo New Year! :D

In between all the seasonal celebrations, I kept making a mental “note to self” to include bits and bobs that have been useful to me; in case they might be useful to you, but of course now I can’t remember half of them…

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